Do I Need To Update My Fuse Box?

Whether you’ve been residing in a home for many years or even have just recently moved into a well used home, there’s a good possibility the fuse box (mains board,consumer unit) looks as old as the home itself. In such cases many home owners are stressed with several typical questions – Is my fuse box dangerous? Do I have to update the fuse box of mine? Or Do I have to update the mains board of mine for the benefit of safety?

Effectively, these are the questions the majority of the homeowners ponder over, but only a seasoned electrician is definitely the perfect individual to reply to these questions.
At what time Do You Have To Replace The Fuse Box of yours?

Just like anything in daily life, technology moves on along with which so does safety. Nevertheless, since the fuse box of yours is old and was properly fitted to standard of it is time.

does not always mean that you have to upgrade or even replace it entirely.

Though you’ve to recall that outdated fuse box’s only trip when they’re over loaded. They don’t guard against electric shock or maybe some other fault conditions because they don’t have 30ma RCD’s equipped like a brand new consumer product has.

You have to update your fuse box only then if an electric-powered inspection is performed as well as the electrician picks out issues with reference to British Safety Standards.

Nevertheless, if the wiring in the house of yours is good but the fuse box of yours and also earthing to warm water and gasoline are out dated and looking for attention because of security problems, you need to consider developing them updated.

The largest benefit of new fuse board fitting is the point that every one existing mains boards must equipped with an RCD or perhaps with specific RCBO’S.

Do not be concerned if this seems confusing, you simply have to think of an RCD to be an extremely sensitive circuit breaker that’s likely to journey really quickly in fault conditions.
Just how long Will it Take to Update A Fuse Box?

The time it requires to modify a fuse box is able to differ from property to property but from the experience of mine it’ll generally take anywhere up to four hours.

In some instances it is able to take more time if there’s a fault on a certain circuit, that has to be rectified when the RCD can keep tripping if the fault isn’t cleared.

In several instances the earthing to warm water and gasoline will have being upgraded to 10mm green and yellow cable so this is looked at by the electrician who’s implementing the set up.
Can I Get yourself a Certificate For The New Mains Board of mine?

Yes! When you’ve a brand new mains board fitted the electrician of yours must then test each circuit in the home and finish a household installation certificate for you and also register that job with the appropriate electric-powered building and scheme management.
Just how much Will it Cost In order to Update The Fuse Box of yours?

A brand new fuse box or maybe consumer product must cost you between £300 and also £450. Together with the upgrading of the fuse box you must additionally get brand new earth and tails, earthing to gasoline and water, then your certification and evaluation.

All of this in most cases takes one day to finish and also you can later have little bit of mind that the electrical installation of yours is up to the present wiring standards and it is safe for you and the family of yours.