The 3 most common rodent control complaints in London

The 3 main rodent control complaints in London are mice control, rats pest control and squirrels in attic. They vary widely in term of behaviour, biology and are being treated by 3 methods of pest control that are specific to each one.

The most popular rodent control service in London is mice pest control. The mice exterminator understand that the mice are only traveling 10-12 metres around the nest. Therefore the primary aim is to deplete the stock of mice that are living within the home and possibly next door. Mice answer very well to baiting.

However mice can easily find enough food debris to get by, so whatever mice poison we use will need to compete with the available food available to them. The mice bait needs to be appealing and palatable. The best bait for mice is using canary seed bait. A mice bait station filled up with wholewheat, or wax mice bait will often be disregarded as being plain and boring.

Often mice traps or glue traps for mice are not very effective against mice infestations. Inexperienced mice may get caught. But any mice that wise to the traps will never get caught. On another note, sticky traps for mice are quite inhumane and must be checked twice a day and cannot be left unattended under any circumstances.

Mouse pest control in London is by far our busiest service as we normally carry out the mouse proofing with 1 year guarantee to stop them from returning. And clients looking fro pest control near me for mice should ensure that the contractors that come up in the search do mouse proofing as well.

Rat pest control is the next most request rodent control service in London. It is by far the most difficult to sort out for good as it often involves carrying out drain work to cut off their route of access.

The clients who suffer from rats in London often complain from noise that are coming from the space below the floors, rats in the walls or rats in ceiling space. From there the rat exterminator must find or create and opening where to place a rat trap or a rat bait box. The downside is that it often result in repeated visits to pick up the dead rats that are being caught, or dead rat smell.

How to get rid of dead rat smell when the body cannot be located? In practice we actually use Odour Mask to cover it up while the dead rat dries off. The dead rat smell can last between 5 to 10 days depending on condition and can be evil. This can be further exacerbated by cluster flies from the dead rat. So Inoculand always stress the importance of checking the sewers and fit a rat blocker for drains to stop them from even reaching the building in first place.

The next most common rodent control complaint is squirrels in attic. But at least in this case the squirrel pest control methods are easily implemented and quite straight forward. People looking for pest control for squirrels near me will often be offered the use of squirrel trap, squirrel bait or squirrel proofing the attic.

How to get rid of squirrel in attics is by blocking their entry points. Squirrel proof fascia board or meshing from within the attic will prevent more squirrels in roofs. However the cost to get squirrels out of the attic can be much less than repairing or proofing the roof. So we have a few clients who end up calling us in on a yearly basis during spring.

Whatever rodent control you require, it is best to cure rather than treat. Mice control, rat pest control and squirrel pest control are only the most common complains we come across. If you would suffer from a different rodent infestation, just contact us and we will be able to advise you accordingly.