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The Popularity Of Animated Marketing Videos

Nowadays, animated videos is an essential element in video marketing, and there are a myriad of compelling reasons to do so. From the ability of animation to stir emotions, to the fact that it’s typically less expensive than other methods of marketing via video and has become an integral aspect of their narrative. You might ask yourself, if animation is so important, why would I require an animation company ? Why should I not do it by myself?

Why Are Animation Studios Important For Businesses?

An animation studio that offers services could include:

You can concentrate on your creativity
Lower the initial cost of video editing software
Find the core of the brand

If you’re looking to create an animation video to promote your company it is recommended to think about hiring an experienced animation studio.

With the use of animation to promote video A studio can design easily-updatable resources for your company. Additionally, you can improve the SEO of your website by attracting quality traffic by providing engaging content.

Studies show that having a video with animation in your website’s landing pages could boost conversions by as much as 80percent! This is why the best stop frame animation is extremely sought-after.

The popularity of animated marketing Videos

The benefit of using video marketing to promote your company is the fact that you have so many possibilities. You can choose to utilize:

Explainer videos – Similar to an animation on whiteboards for more complex details (IT solution and application)
Kinetic typography – To teasers
Video clips of company timelines and growth To add a punch to charts and bar graphs for investors
2D Cartoon Animations – for companies or to engage with users

The possibilities are limitless! Animation is a popular medium for businesses because it’s affordable and customizable however, it’s also popular with consumers because it’s entertaining and stimulating.

Let’s look at the services that animation studios can offer and why it’s advantageous to outsource.

Personalize The Brand

If there’s one thing that animation services provide which traditional video marketing can’t provide, it’s humanizing your brand. No matter if it’s 2D or 3D animation the entire content of your video could be tailored to the personality of your business. This means you’ll take control of the entire process including the look of the video as well as the colors used to match the guidelines of your brand. Another advantage of using Animation services is they can embed your company’s name. In the majority of animations, there is an avatar or character that is representative of the company. The avatar is typically set in the role of the hero when there’s a challenge which they (your company) propose solutions. With animated videos you are able to make all the important decisions regarding the visuals as well as the characterisation of your characters.

You can easily distill your brand’s personality into an image that is a hit with your targeted segment.

A personal brand could be the cause of:
Brand Engagement

Animation companies can assist you in soft selling your services or products.

Animation lets us take in content on audio and visual levels simultaneously, which can give us a better understanding of the main message. It doesn’t matter if you’re using animation for a event or company timeline, they are able to give the concept a new life that viewers might be unable to comprehend.

The use of less text and visual cues will keep viewers interested for longer. Furthermore, animated videos particularly appeals to people of anyone of any age. This is due to the fact that it creates an emotion of nostalgia within everyone.

The nostalgic aspect is a way to tap into our inner child and creates characters that are more likable and trust worthy. In the end, who wouldn’t want to be Tony The Tiger or the Geico Gecko? This means that you’ll be able to connect with the broadest variety of your market simultaneously.

Costs, Budgets and Budgets

That brings us to the issue that business owners are most concerned about budgeting.

What are the reasons your company should use animators?

We’ve already explained the reasons animation services are extremely beneficial to:

Brand recognition
Brand engagement
Personalizing and expressing your brand

If you’re not been doing so, you ought to consider allocating a portion your budget for content to animation. Also, using animation in your video marketing could reduce costs of hiring expensive actors as well as spending money on special effects.

When it comes to the reasons to choose an animation firm There are plenty of good reasons.

1.) Kits, Software And Kit

If you don’t own the most up-to-date and effective animation software, you could be shocked Animation software isn’t cheap!

However you might think about employing an internal animator in order to handle the video advertising. However, the requirements for software and platforms will differ from task to project, and so one software will not work for all of your projects.

The good thing is that an animation business can have this taken care of and can begin to go about their business such as with the production of whiteboards for animation.

2.) Time

We’ve already mentioned that if you’re not sure how to create animated videos or aren’t hiring an animator yet it could take for quite a while.

At the very minimum, it takes a few months to master 2D animation, while an animation studio has an expert with many years of experience. Your time is just as much of a financial worth as the software and equipment.

Furthermore, by not wasting your the time and worry about how to make animations, you are able to concentrate on your creative direction (and the management and running of your company! ).

3.) Investment In Assets

The animated video is also an asset for marketing that is evergreen.

It’s because the animation you create can be utilized across various media. It is possible to use animation services from a studio to create an explainer video that can also serve as an event launch.

Additionally, video content is easy to share and can increase engagement by sharing it on your social networks.

Not to mention the animated video could fit into any sales funnel, whether that is a way of attracting new customers or entertaining existing customers.

Good Quality

The end result is that an animation firm will be proficient in a variety of styles, from whiteboard and 2D animation animation videos in 3D.

Finding a reputable animation studio will mean that you’ll get the best quality product within less time. Animation is also mobile-friendly and appears distinctive – meaning that your video will not look similar to hundreds of other videos shot in boring office settings!


As we mentioned, once you’ve quit trying to master Blender and Maya You can concentrate on what’s important the most – your message.

For an effective animated video to succeed, you must translate your company’s mission statement into an easy and engaging way. By outsourcing the difficult aspects to an animation studio you can concentrate on this portion of the work.

With your guidance the animation company employs you can develop an aesthetic that matches your brand’s tone , and assets that reflect the color scheme of your brand and guidelines.

Let go of the constraints of live action shoots , where people can be flustered. Make sure you match amazing animation services with your essential and memorable corporate message!

The Round-Up

A company that creates animations can help you save time and money, while increasing your brand’s involvement. When you outsource to an animation studio that can make sure the style of animation you select is consistent with your vision for the brand and ensure your company’s story is correctly told.

You can save on the upfront costs that come with hiring an animator or even learning animation by yourself. Additionally, animation services can even be less expensive than live-streaming!

Animation can be a great way to convey your business’s vision with exciting and engaging images and content. With the increasing popularity of animations for video marketing , it would be crazy not to join the opportunity.