The Subcontract Machining Process

M&M Turned Parts Ltd are specialists in accuracy design, CNC Switching, CNC Milling and also generating a variety of machined parts.

Additional services such as warmth therapy, plating as well as material sourcing are used with our tried, evaluated and relied on network of vendors, providing you everything you require from a subcontract machining company.
Extrusion Tooling

We have comprehensive and also historical experience of the style, manufacture as well as use extrusion tooling, especially within the steel and yellow metal extrusion industries.
CNC Machining

Our extremely trained labor force recognize specifically just how to obtain the best performance from our substantial size range of CNC turrets and also machining centres, making certain that we can always offer a wide array of services and products.
Subcontract Machining

We have many many years worth of experience in providing Subcontract Machining Company solutions to companies worldwide at competitive prices.
Extrusion Mandrel

We are experts in producing extrusion mandrels. Extrusion mandrels are used when squeezing out tubes or various other hollow areas from the inside size or form of the completed extruded form.
Machining of Exotic Alloys

Having difficulty discovering somebody that can device a difficult material? We are accomplished in machining a large spectrum of difficult-to- equipment alloys, consisting of Inconel 625/718/R14, Monel 400/500, Nimonic 75, Waspaloy, Super Duplex and various other heat-resistant superalloys.
Valve Stems

We manufacture a variety of valve stems in a wide range of sizes. Entrance stems as well as world stems (made use of in valves for oxygen, acids, sea water and so on), are among our certain areas of know-how.

Our large quantity of experience as well as expert devices, provides itself to the machining of lengthy slim shafts and also other elements that are difficult to device as a result of resonance and distortion troubles.

Along with this, we likewise have the ability to machine long bores precisely using quiet tool modern technology.