What cause carpet beetles in your home?

Carpet beetles are flying insects and can easily get in your home through the window. The other way for them to get in is through your belongings and garments. Actually, carpet beetles can affect any wool garments  or area containing animal fibres. I find them often enough in flats with no carpets whatsoever. The bed and the sofa are ideal places for them to find human hairs. And as a result, they are often confused with ed bugs.

But at the difference of bed bugs, the carpet beetles do not bites and they would actually cause no harm to human beings. What is at risk is the clothes of the tenants, furs, and any curtains and rugs containing any wool. So one of the first ingredient is not spotting them. The larvae can be very small and will gain in size as they grow. The adults carpet battles are spreading most of their time crawling.

The second ingredient is time. As the carpet beetles breed further, they will not only start to cause more damage to the garments they feed on, but they will spread further into other rooms, and infest other garments or furniture. As a carpet beetle infestation builds up, most clients will start noticing patches of bare carpet, or holes in their clothes the same way you would from the common clothes moths.

How to get rid of carpet beetles? Basically you proceed the same way you would for clothes moths. You need to treat the same surfaces, deal with the same clothes, and also fumigate in the same way. Carpet beetles and moths in house surroundings can be devastating, and as such infestations should be dealt with as early as possible.

In residential properties, the easiest type of treatment is the chemical treatment. The downside is that you cannot spray directly on the clothes. So to prevent any residual activity bouncing back and reinfesting the home, the clothes need to be heat treated or dry cleaned. How to choose being dry cleaning and heat treatment will often depend on the number of clothes that need sorting out. If you only have a few items to worry about, the dry cleaner will be cheaper. If you have a lot of clothes, then the heat treatment will be more convenient.

Commercial property are not immune to carpet beetle activity. Fashion shops, and of course carpet shops are two likely target and need to have in place sound strategy to protect their stocks. If they would fail to do so, it is one of the primary route of infestation into your home. Our commercial pest control London team offer contracts that will protect such businesses and the home of their clients.

But is is as important that proper procedure and routine should be put in place to control the entry of new stocks. If, any items should be identified as contaminated, it should be sealed off with cling film and the items would need to be heat treated or disposed of which ever is the most practical or appropriate. If you have any doubts, did not hesitate to contact us, and our friendly team will do their best to advise you on the best course of action.