Why professional photography is important

By investing only a couple of minutes of the time of yours in looking over this post, you are going to gain a much greater knowledge of why pro photography is crucial to the company of yours, and just how you are able to utilize it.

Professional photography is about employing good quality equipment to produce quality that is exceptional, unique also visually stunning imagery.

An entirely different creature from amateur photography or maybe stock imagery, expert photography is an important component of any brand’s messaging, tone of voice, and general perception; therefore developing the really backbone of many business’ advertising actions.

Get it correctly, and only the photography utilized on the site of yours is able to increase the sales of yours by as much as 161 %. Correct us in case we are wrong, though we think these’re the stats that the majority of business people dream of!

Which does not (yet) take into consideration the beneficial impact expert photography has on issues as engagement rates, brand perception, as well as brand awareness; everything and much more is just what occurred to just one of the customers of ours whenever we had taken on the creative task of theirs and changed the product imagery of theirs.

And just how did we get it done? We will go through our strategy…
Exactly why expert photography is important
A perception of quality

Utilizing specialized photography instantly elevates the perception of quality related with the brand of yours. You can sell the best well made, visually stunning items, but in case the photography you utilize is bad, the products of yours will look inadequate.


Seventy five % of internet shoppers rely on merchandise imagery when creating a choice in regards to a possible purchase.

Just what does this point out about the relationship between prospective customers and photography?

It says that prospective customers love to see what they are buying online before they actually do so, and psychologically invest in images they’re presented with.

What we achieved by utilizing expert photography:

By dealing with an experienced photographer to change the quality of the pictures used on our client’s site, we could enhance user engagement by thirty five %.

Professional commercial photography can be quite versatile, and may be worn throughout all media types; even if on the site of yours, your printed advertisements, the email banners of yours or maybe the social networking posts of yours. Whereas amateur photos are usually way too pixelated to use in several places.


Excellent visual content is forty % more apt to get shared on the social channels of yours.

But just what does this tell us about precisely how prospective customers communicate with articles online?

It tells us present day online audiences favor short form content (videos, pictures, memes etc.) to extended pieces of created content; that our shortening attention spans have raised the benefits of professional photography as probably the most engaging types of information.

Pro tip:

Consider multi channel! A set of professional pictures must be flexible and fit for usage across all the channels of yours, not only on the site of yours. When going for a picture or even getting a set of commercial photographs produced, think of all the various ways you will want to utilize those images; the social networking channels of yours, the email marketing campaigns of yours, the print advertising of yours, along with all of your digital advertising efforts…
Increase traffic to the site of yours

sites with expert photography receive up to ninety % more traffic compared to websites without. Images on sites contribute to the SEO worth of the complete site; the alt tags of theirs along with descriptions help online search engine understand what the website of yours is about.

Pro tip:

Constantly compress the images of yours before uploading them onto the website of yours. Compressing the images of yours won’t decrease the quality of the picture but will cause them to become a lot of lighter weight as well as much easier for the website of yours to load.’ Heavy’ pictures are able to impede a site down considerably, and the reduced your site, the very likely site visitors are bouncing off (i.e. exit your site in just seconds and also visit one of the competitors) of yours.
Brand name identity

Not merely could a photographer help you obtain the ideal out of the imagery of yours; making use of the perfect lighting effects, and also capturing the topic in the very best direction, but a photographer may additionally enable you to record the heart of the brand of yours, and build your brand identity – bringing away what is special about the company of yours.


Unique, original imagery is able to increase the sales of yours by up to thirty five % in comparison to inventory pictures. Why? Because individuals get from people and using the own images of yours can help to create a part of trust. What is more, imagery is sixty five times more outstanding than written info.

Photography is aspirational – it can help prospective customers visualise your service or maybe product as part of the lives of theirs, and gives them a concept of how investing in the business of yours may benefit them. Your prospective customers what to get to find out the business of yours and everything you are able to do for them – making use of specialized photography is regarded as the effective method to achieve that.

What we achieved by utilizing expert photography:

By applying specialized photography on the customers website of ours, included in a wider project to enhance the complete user experience, we could improve visitors by fifty six %.
A summary

Professional photography is essential for every business; assisting the prospective customers of yours determine you starting from a sea of various other companies much like you, increasing visitors to the site of yours, offering the advantages of your system or product, raising the perception of quality, and it is usually of the a top resolution it may be utilized cross platform – developing the backbone of a great brand and campaign identity.

In a nutshell, expert photography is able to help your business by:

Growing the conversion rates of yours by up to 161%
Enhancing the user experience and enhance engagement by up to ninety % Simply being forty % more shareable on social networking than other styles of content!

And, although employing an experienced photographer may look like a costly outlay in the temporary, the extended effect it’s on the brand of yours, the engagement rates of yours, and subsequent sales causes it to be the ideal investment for the business of yours.

Think of professional photography as the original impression prospective customers have of the company of yours, and thus the very first component you ought to think about when starting on any sort of marketing actions.