Advantages and disadvantages of online selling

Nowadays the time spent on the pattern and also the internet of internet shopping are gradually increasing, because of this increasingly more businesses decide to invest in e commerce with the target of increasing earnings.

Based on the Osservatorio eCommerce B2c Netcomm del Politecnico di Milano e commerce in Italy recorded an eighteen % increase in 2016, that might achieve a twenty % in 2017, along with Italian e shoppers doubled from nine to eighteen million.

But be aware: to start a web based retailer isn’t in itself an assurance of achievement. It’s not enough for an e commerce website to be online! Managing an e commerce needs time, investment and effort. Before beginning an e commerce subsequently some considerations must be made.

To begin with, it’s essential to dispel two wrong beliefs.

Opening an online store isn’t simple.

E-commerce isn’t easy. It’s a very complex project that will require specific abilities as well as resources (economic and human) for the formation as well as management of the site in addition to for web advertising activities targeted at promoting the internet shop.

Opening an online store isn’t inexpensive.

E-commerce isn’t affordable. Surely, when compared with the physical store, a few control expenses, both fixed and adjustable, are cut down, like rent, bills, and staff Starting an e commerce, nonetheless, suggests opening up another store, a virtual one, and that involves not just a preliminary but constant investments.

We now analyze the pros and cons of online selling platforms.

It decreases geographic boundaries, lets you handle a worldwide marketplace by growing the foundation of prospective customers.
It’s usually open, 24 hours one day, seven days a week. Customers are able to make purchases anywhere they’re, at any time of the morning, with the comfort of home delivery.
It provides prices that are naturally competitive. Opening an e commerce allows direct sale of lower priced items with discounts or promotions, reduces distribution bills through intermediaries and therefore generates higher revenue.
E-commerce is able to be useful bodily outlets to boost product sales with the integration between online and ie omnichannel, offline sales channels.
It allows you to monitor site visitors conduct on the site of yours, like trips, geographic origin, time invested, visited web pages, purchases, and also profiling the clients of yours by gathering a huge amount of valuable product sales data: age, preferences, gender, interests etcetera … It guarantees an easier and faster shop management. Things as billing, orders, shipments, be faster and easier to deal with since they run straight through the e commerce platform.

Disadvantages of e-commerce

Increased competition. With e-commerce not only customers grow, but additionally direct competitors. Getting the best online visibility within the market is thus neither simple nor for granted. To acquire new clients is feasible, but just with a good SEO along with Inbound Marketing strategy to take site visitors to the site, and above all, with a great buy on Social Networks and google AdWords projects.
Lack of bodily contact with the service. In the online retailer, customers can not touch the merchandise or even try them. Because of this copywriting and also photoshooting are really crucial, they’ve to be persuasive and also invite buyers to purchase. Product descriptions should be exhaustive and supply all technical specs. Photos should be of quality that is good and show the merchandise under various points of view.
Absence of store assistants. In the online retailer, customers typically purchase with complete autonomy or quite in complete loneliness. The company staff doesn’t advise, suggest or direct them in the investment path. Thankfully nowadays, it’s possible to get over this cap with the live chat, a tool which has today become essential for e-commerce since it offers immediate aid to clients, both in terminology of website navigability and usability, along with post- and pre- sale.
Lack of confidence is yet another drawback. Customers, particularly in Italy, have little trust of e-commerce websites, particularly in internet payment tools. Because of this, the existence of a live chat assistance on the website is fully necessary, to ensure that the buyer feels more secure, supported step by step, and thus much more willing to purchase. An additional component that favorably influences the purchasing behaviour will be the presence of customers’ feedbacks. Having the ability to read opinions from customers who have previously purchased in the site significantly increases the self-esteem in the vendor.
Shipping costs and delivery time may occasionally be a deterrent. Because of this, a lot of businesses are planning with services like Click & Collect, ie customers the merchandise on the e commerce website then visit the nearest point of purchase.