How To Clean A Caravan Roof

When you are cleaning your caravan’s top for at first chance, you are most likely asking yourself where to start. Not merely is the roof the most difficult area to access, it is hard to know what equipment you have to clean it.

As a result, this task is able to seem as an almighty chore – though it is not. We get to the bottom part of how you can cleanse a caravan roof.

  1. Ensure you’ve a suitable ladder

Before you try to cleanse your caravan roof, you have to determine what sort of stepladder you will make use of.

You will want a ladder that not just provides enough access to the centre of the top, but additionally guarantees the safety of yours.

A telescopic ladder is the best bet of yours. Telescopic ladders could be modified to the height of the caravan of yours, therefore:

You’ve far better access to the centre of the caravan roof than in case you applied a fixed height ladder.
You will not need to risk the safety of yours by leaning forward or even bending down to cleanse the roof.

They’re too very light along with compact, making them very easy to have and fast to set up.

  1. Apply your cleaning solution

After you are up the ladder and also have surveyed the roof region, the next thing is applying a cleaning solution.

Put quite simply, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for cleansing your caravan roof. What you make use of is dependent on elements that are several , such as just how dirty the top is and the own preferences of yours.

We will recommend caravan people to use the spray towards the skylights plus satellite aerials. This can make a good even coverage across the entire roof.

The moment of year is one more factor which might affect the product type you apply to cleanse your caravan roof. Over winter, the moist conditions suggest that moss and algae is able to make on the caravan of yours. Thus, you might wish to purchase a winterlong protector.

  1. Clean the grime off with a brush

Once you have sprayed the roof of the caravan of yours, you have to utilize a brush to clean off of the muck. You need to divide your caravan roof into certain places, cleansing one region of the top at the same time.

At terrain level, you ought to have a pail filled with garments ready that you are able to dunk the comb into. Preferably, you want someone available to provide you with the brush or get it from you.

As for the Caravan Cleaning Brush type you use, it once again will differ from caravanner to caravanner. Nevertheless, you need only one that enables you to have at the stains in the difficult to reach out places of the caravan of yours, which could be as much as two metres clear of you.

  1. Check you have not missed anywhere

Perhaps even by utilizing the recommended equipment, you may miss a spot or 2 the very first time around if you wash your caravan roof.

What is more often, the weather may have an impact. In case you wash the roof in direct sunlight, the item using might dry fast.

That is the reason it is really worth double checking the roof to find out if you have to re apply the cleaning solution of yours.

  1. Give the roof of yours some wax to finish

When you are satisfied that your caravan roof is totally clean, you must apply a little wax to it. The advantages of this are two-fold:

Wax provides one more level of safety on the paintwork and acts like a screen against dirt.
Wax is going to give the caravan of yours a polished and shiny appearance. What great incentive is there after you have invested ages on a ladder scrubbing away?