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Portable and Easy to Use – Why not try Reusable Drinking Straws?

Each time you purchase drinks using straws that are only used once it is adding trash from plastic into the already polluted environment. One of the simplest ways to cut down on waste and stop the plastic from entering our environment is to reuse a straw to drink your beverage.

Maybe you’ve had the pleasure of seeing reusable drinking straws and are interested in these. Perhaps you’re already an eco-conscious reusable drinking straw fan or not, you’re in the right spot.

What are the advantages of drinking straws that are reusable?

Ten Benefits to Reusable Straws for Drinking Straws

1. Eco-Friendly

It’s estimated that more than 390 million straws made of plastic are consumed in a one day within the United States alone. Because single-use straws are constructed from plastic that’s not recyclable, and are typically too small to be separated at recycling centers and end up in the landfills. Everyday we’re contributing to the plastic pollution issue.

Reusable straws outdo single-use straws as the greener option. So, say goodbye to plastic single-use straws you’ve been using for the last few years. Take advantage of the sustainable drinking straw.

Reusable straws reduce your consumption of plastic and keeps the possibility of another piece of plastic that is toxic from entering the natural environment.

2. Reduce the amount of plastic you throw away

By reducing your waste , you can play your part as a global citizen helping to tackle the global issue of plastic pollution. From straws made of plastic to toothbrushes and straws, all kinds of single-use plastics can be found in our garbage in the process of polluting oceans and rivers at a alarming rate.

I am a sucker for an excellent coffee while in the car. If I’ve made my own coffee at home, or purchased it from a renowned coffee shop, I always refuse to use the straw. With a straw that can be reused and a simple phrase like “no straws please” is much more simple. In the course of a lifetime this can reduce the amount of plastic you use and your the environmental impact.

3. Protect Marine Life

Unfortunately, straws that are used for just one use will end in landfills, or in our oceans. Animals in the marine environment, such as sea turtles and birds could easily confuse plastic straws with food. In the end, they may swallow the straws, or other pieces of plastic that can cause harmful final results due to the toxic nature of plastic.

In the larger oceans like the Atlantic or the Mediterranean Avoiding plastics for marine mammals is almost impossible due to pollution from plastic increasing year on year. The majority of the plastic pollution in the ocean was on someone’s hands at one point or another, that means it could have been avoided.

4. Portable and easy to use

Have I mentioned that straws made of re-usable material are incredibly convenient to transport around? Each straw weighs less than two ounces , and it can easily be carried in bags or purses. Some brands even provide bags for carrying or containers to store their straws.

I carry my straw that is reusable in almost every place I go. It allows me to eliminate the single-use straw. You can purchase an reusable straw that goes perfectly with any drink tumbler for long drives on the road. At working, you can put straws made of reusable material with any cup you prefer for chilled and hot coffee.

5. Reusability

It’s a simple idea. Reuse your straws and over.

A top-quality straw that is reusable and made of a robust, sustainable material can last for many months or even years in certain situations. Of course, this will depend on how often you use them and what liquids. To prolong the life of your straws for drinking make sure you adhere to the proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage instructions. Reuse straws at home, or when you travel. They are great eco-friendly presents for family and friends.

6. Better tasting Beverages

Did you know that the material used in the utensils that used for eating will affect our perception of taste? Research has shown that our psychological perception of taste will be more positive with a genuine metal spoon than with a plastic spoon.

A quality wine or beer should be consumed in an appropriate glass instead of the plastic cup. This is the same for coffee, tea and freshly squeezed juice. Enjoy the drinks you love most by using a straw that is reusable constructed from eco-friendly, high-quality materials that can improve your overall experience.

7. Safe Straws

Single-use plastic straws used be made from a material known as polystyrene, a substance used to make styrofoam that is found to leak poisons into drinks and food particularly when heated to higher temperatures. Today, more manufacturers create single-use plastic straws using polypropylene or polyethylene. These are not as toxic, but they are manufactured on a huge quantity using large amounts of petroleum.

Chemicals that are often present in plastics, such as BPA (Bisphenol-A) as well as phthalates, have been associated with several reproductive problems in lab animals. The proof for human beings isn’t yet conclusive however this is a risk that producers and consumers don’t want to take. Health experts recommend not to reuse single-use plastics as they are more likely to leak substances into our food and drinks.

If you have children drinking straws made of reusable material is a more relaxing and secure option for those who are learning to drink by themselves. They are also fun ways to encourage the consumption of certain drinks and increase awareness of the environment for your kids.

8. Easy to clean

Contrary to what you’re thinking, straws that are reusable are easy to wash. Most brands provide cleaning kits or brushes that are provided with your straws that are reusable, which means getting rid of any residues that are on the interior of the straw is simple. Be sure to make sure that the cleaning brushes are sized to fit the size and length of your straws that are reusable.

A simple wash with soap and warm water as well as an easy scrub using the brush that is located on the inner surface of the straw should suffice. A majority of straws made from reusable materials can be washed in the dishwasher, and you can put them in the dishwasher afterward to get them cleaned. Cleaning does not need to be painful!

9. Eye-Catching

Reusable straws available from can be purchased in a variety of attractive colors and styles. They are manufactured using a variety of environmentally friendly materials like glass, stainless steel, silicon, copper bamboo and silicon, each of which has each their own pros and pros and. They are also offered in a variety of sizes and diameters based on the drink you prefer.

If you are a milkshake or smoothie drinker A larger diameter is advised. For those who drink juice or coffee smaller diameters should work perfectly. I suggest you try various sizes and materials to determine which one best fits your requirements.

If you’re throwing an event or drinking your coffee in the car A reusable straw for drinking offers the perfect balance of function and form. There will be plenty of compliments from your acquaintances and family members, which is an excellent opportunity to educate people about your motivations as well as the environmental impact from single-use disposable plastics.

10. An Economic Alternative

Reusable straws are an excellent bargain and easy on your wallet. The majority of brands are priced between $5-10 and some go into the $15-$15 range. A typical set will comprise four to twelve pieces and the cleaning brush kit and storage or carrying case. Remember that the straw material and number you select will impact the cost.

Because they last for a long time, you will not have to buy new sets because of excessive use. In fact, you’ll likely love them so much you’ll want to try the various kinds available!

Switch to the Simple Switch

It’s good to know that local municipal and local businesses have made an effort to prohibit straws that are only used once. Coffee chains that are larger are offering plastic cups that are drink straw-free. Although this isn’t the entire solution to the issue however, it’s a minor step in the right direction.

As as a consumer, I urge you to take an additional leap ahead. Switch to reusable straws with a simple click. Simple switch between single-use plastic straws and straws that can be reused is not just an enjoyable and thrilling option to you as well as your loved ones to help to protect the environment, but also an entry point into alternative options for living a greener lifestyle.