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Wax Melts Versus Candles

  1. Longer burn time

The wax melts are able to absorb heat more slowly than traditional candles and allow the release of aromas while avoiding burning oils. This allows the wax to release the scent without the fragrance vaporizing quickly. When you light candles, the reverse occurs. The heat produced by the burning flame of the candle helps the wax stay at an elevated temperature, which causes the fragrance to be released through the air quicker.

  1. Less expensive than candles

The cost of wax melts is lower than traditional candles due to the fact that they release less fragrance and burn longer. The burn time for an 1 ounce of wax melts is approximately 5 times more over traditional candles. Let’s take a look at the numbers the cost of a candle is about $20.00 and the typical burn time is around 60 hours. The typical cost for wax melts is approximately $15.00 while the typical burn duration is around 225 hours. This simple illustration shows that the cost of melting wax is significantly less expensive than candles.

  1. Flame-free

Traditional candles require a flame , and as per the National Fire Protection Association during the period 2011-2015 candles were responsible for the majority of reported fires in homes as well as three percent of fire-related home deaths 77 percentage of fire-related injuries in homes along with 4% of direct property damage caused by home fires.

Wax melts are only required to be heated that run on electricity but don’t require the use of an open flame. Flammable flames pose danger and can cause burns to your children, yourself pets, or your possessions.

  1. Be careful not to release toxic chemicals

Candles release toxic toxins that could cause allergic reactions, as well as asthma, and can be associated with cancer. The most popular kind of wax that is used in the present is paraffin which is an unrecyclable product that comes of the petroleum sector. Paraffin wax emits harmful chemicals like toluene and benzenethat have been proven to harm the lungs, brain and the central nervous system. The wicks in candles might contain heavy metals, like lead. The inhalation of airborne heavy metals may be extremely harmful to your health. Even though there is a requirement in the United States candle wicks are required to be made of cotton or paper wicks, studies suggest that as high as 30% could have heavy metals in them.

  1. Convenient

Candles need to be handled with caution because of the flame’s openness and are difficult to carry because they are contained in glass bottles which are fragile and easy to break. But, melts made of wax don’t have any of these problems and are far more practical. The melts don’t need the use of a lighter, and are safe for children to use and are transportable without fear of glass breaking everywhere.

  1. Scents are a thing that can be controlled and modified

You can adjust the strength of the aroma depending on your preference or the room you’re using the melts in. The wax melts are available in a variety of sizes, and it isn’t limited to the manner in which it is packaged. It is possible to mix it and burn various waxes to create a distinctive scent of your unique.