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Why Gift a Personalised Plaque?

Christmas Day, a time to cherish your relationships with family and friends. It’s a time of the year when you have the chance to be with the people you cherish and demonstrate that you love the love you have for them.

The main focus of this holiday is the tradition of giving gifts. Everyone wants to be sure that those give us gifts appreciate them, yet despite our best efforts we’ve all received the “dud” gift. It’s the present that, when the recipient is able to open it the expression at their face says “this is going to be returned when the store opens up in the morning.”

If it’s an additional pair of socks, tie, or the most expensive and gaudy watch, it’s a humiliating scenario for everyone involved. There’s a tense silence as the person giving the gift attempts to conceal their disappointment, while you desperately attempt to keep your eyes off.

After the incredibly uncomfortable silence, the infamous fatal sentence for the unworthy present is finally delivered: “Well, it’s the thought that is the most important.” Anyone who has heard that expression from the mouths of their family members can confirm, it is usually a sign that the present demonstrates an unintentional lack of thought so far as the receiver is concerned.

A Thought Really Does Count

The best part about that old adage is that it’s a fact. The problem with many of the typical bad Christmas gifts is that they don’t think about the person receiving them. Instead, most faulty gifts are caused by rush, last-minute, unplanned efforts to ensure that the gift was received.

A psychologist who specializes in consumer psychology Kit Yarrow actually wrote an article for the Time magazine’s Business & Money section that identified six different types of poor gifts that are all about me: gifts and obvious re-gifts, statements, misfires, gift-giving that is passive, as well as non-gifts. No one likes receiving a secondhand present that is clearly intended to be given to someone else, such as rings that are engraved with the name of someone else or a gift that is interpreted as a snide comment like an eating cookbook. These “gifts” are not appropriate even in the most tense of situations and can be relationship killers in the worst of circumstances.

You’re likely to want to present a superior present that shows that you’ve put lots of thought, energy, and time into preparing your gift and are so passionate about your recipient that you give a genuine effort and think ahead instead of waiting until the very last minute.

Plaques personalized to you are the ideal present to show how much you value your family and friends.


Personalised plaques are a sign of your connection to the person you are giving it to. By creating a personalized plaque that is centered around the person, their achievements or perhaps just a picture of an event that you will always remember it is a gift that gives them the gift of a unique gift that shows your own unique understanding of the person and the relationship you have with them.

A plaque with a story about the recipient could be an award-winning trophy to display for years. Not only can personalized plaques highlight the accomplishments of the person you’re gifting the plaque to, however, the plaque also shields the object from weather damage. The article will be resistant to cracks, yellowing and breaking for years to come, because they are sealed inside the plaque.

Of obviously that not all plaques have to be based on an article. If you have photos of the person you wish to create a plaque for it is possible to create an individual plaque with that. It’s the ideal gift that reminds the receiver of the connection you have.

From traditional wooden plaques to sleek and contemporary crystal clear acrylic plaques, it is possible to design a unique present that speaks to your knowledge of the preferences of the person receiving the present.

The best part is that you can be sure that the present you give will be unique to the person you designed it for. They will be aware that you put in the effort and time to create something unique specifically for them. The old saying says “It’s your thought process that is the most important.” With a custom-designed plaque, you’re showing that you have consideration into choosing a present which is thoughtful and pertinent to the person receiving it.

If you’d want to design a personalized plaque for someone you love to you, test our custom plaque creation procedure today. Make a statement this Christmas season with a gift that keeps on giving for many years to come.