Reasons why PMP certification is worth it


A recent PwC survey states that accredited PMP job managers handle more than three 4th of the high doing tasks. Additionally, business with greater than one-third PMP accredited managers have much better project success than firms which do not. What’s even more? PMP is the fifth highest-paying accreditation in the year 2016.

Sounds important sufficient? If it does, the next inquiry is should you obtain PMP certified? Prior to we explore this inquiry in this short article, allow us initially recognize what PMP stands for.
What is a PMP certification?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally acknowledged specialist accreditation. It is used by the Task Monitoring Institute (PMI), a United States non-profit professional organization. A well identified and also respected credential, PMP is thought about crucial for the task supervisors. Specifically, for those that wish to take the following step in their occupation.
What is the PMP exam about?

Job Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), with sector standards, is used as the overview for testing candidates. The PMP test checks the candidates on jobs out of five performance domain names

Starting the job (13%).

Preparation the job (24%).

Performing the project (31%).

Monitoring and regulating the project (25%).

Closing the job (7%).

  • the number in parentheses indicates the weightage provided to each domain name in the exam.

The examination has around 200 multiple choice inquiries. Out of these, 25 are not counted towards the last score. These are made use of as pilot inquiries to enhance the requirement of the examination. But, one can not know what the sample inquiries are as they are put arbitrarily throughout the test. Also, it is a closed book examination. It implies that no reference material will be enabled to be used by the applicant during the examination.
What are the PMP test demands?

To the question of that must apply, PMI states:.

” If you’re a skilled project manager in charge of all elements of job distribution, leading as well as routing cross-functional groups, then the PMP is the ideal option for you.

Much more notably, there are particular prerequisites one ought to fulfill to be accredited. A candidate should have either.

Secondary degree (secondary school diploma, associate’s level or the international matching.

7,500 hrs leading and routing jobs.

35 hrs of task management education and learning.


Four-year degree.

4,500 hours leading and routing jobs.

35 hours of task monitoring education and learning.

Is PMP certification worth it?

Since we recognized what PMP is everything about, let’s come back to the original inquiry. Should you obtain a PMP certification? There are both expenses and also benefits to getting the PMP accreditation. But, lots of working with specialists and also accredited specialists concur that advantages far surpass the expenses.

Initially, allow us check out some of the issues pointed out with PMP accreditation.

  1. It is expensive.

If you are not a member of PMI, the cost of the PMP accreditation is 550 United States dollars. Nonetheless, if you are a member after that you just need to invest 405 United States bucks to write the examination. Yet PMI subscription itself costs 139 US bucks. Though you conserve only 11 USD by coming to be the PMI participant, there is host of other benefits that are connected with the membership. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you become a member of PMI before signing up for the exam.

Furthermore, if you stop working in your initial attempt and also intend to retake the test, you need to pay 275 USD if you are a PMI participant and also 375 USD if you are a not a PMI member.

Aside from the price of the test, there are a number of other costs that sustains during the preparation. These include the price of PM training sessions, preparatory books, example concerns etc. Thinking about all these, one requires to spend at the very least 750 USD to acquire this qualification. Yet, nearly all the specialists concur that this price is absolutely nothing contrasted to the career development that a person can have with this accreditation.

  1. It is challenging.

Most people concur that PMP is a tough test. Some even claim that it is the hardest examination that they have actually ever taken. The problem lies in the truth that the exam examines not just the memory of the ideas yet the functional application of them. When you include the stress of time (you need to answer 200 inquiries in 240 mins), it ends up being distressing for also a skilled task supervisor. Likewise, there are specific differences in for how long one requires to succeed in the examination. Some take two to three months to prosper. Others can not get accredited even after planning for years.

Yet, the point is if the examination were a cake walk and also anyone could pass it quickly, would it be as valued as it is today? Absolutely not! The eminence of this certification hinges on the difficult requirements required to clear and also maintain the accreditation. Thus, PMP qualification does require hard work from your end. However the bright side is the fruits of this effort will certainly be pleasant.

  1. It is time-consuming.

Yes, there is a monetary expense. However, for many people the bigger problem is the expense of time. They whine about the variety of hours it needs to obtain PMP certified.

A part of it has to do with preparation itself. As the examination is hard, you need to reserve time everyday to grasp the PMBOK guide. Yet, many people agree that’s not all. You require to read up a number of various other guides, go to preparatory sessions (if you sign up with any kind of) and also compose example examinations as part of your preparation. All these activities do occupy significant time. Considering that many aspirants are people who are presently employed, they feel much more crunched for time.

Alongside, PMP application needs you to record all the projects you carried out. That as well, you need to compose the minutest detail about these projects. Seems simple, but it is challenging as well as calls for a great deal of time. Likewise, one can not take this task casually. That’s due to the fact that PMI performs an audit procedure to develop the authenticity of applications.

Yes, these problems look daunting. However, despite the benefits of PMP accreditation, these seem virtually irrelevant. Let us currently check out the pros of PMP accreditation.
Advantages of doing a PMP certification.

  1. Includes worth to the resume.

There are several professional certifications that you can go after throughout your occupation. However, among every one of those, PMP certification is the most beneficial certification programme. Interviewers looking to fill out a placement of a task supervisor comprehend this. Hence, they have a tendency to focus on profiles with PMP certification over those which do not have such accreditation.

Task administration tasks are high popular. So, in most cases, numerous people get these tasks. It is time and source consuming for the company to meeting as well as analyze the capacity of all the applicants. As such, they such as to remove as many people as feasible before the task administration interview process. This is where the PMP qualification verifies advantageous as it is among the most objective ways in which one can shortlist the candidates.

Moreover, several companies are making it obligatory to have a PMP accreditation. It means you can not even apply for some positions without these credentials.

PMP qualification can also be incredibly valuable if you plan to advance in the present business you are operating at. It puts you means ahead of your associates in regards to moving up the job ladder. Likewise, a qualified manager can do better in a back-breaking job management meeting than a non-certified one.

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  1. Supplies Industry recognition.

PMP qualification is globally identified. Numerous accreditation programmes concentrate only on a specific domain or location. PMP on the other hand, is global as well as collaborates with any market and also in any kind of location. So, regardless of the professional background as well as sector, you can obtain by adding the qualification to your resume.

What is the PMP qualification value out there? Data show that as the number of licensed project supervisors enhances within a company, the success price of tasks likewise boosts. Additionally, the companies acknowledge that qualified supervisors are better at completing the job in a timely manner and within the budget.

If you are simply starting your profession in project management, after that PMP qualification will offset the lack of experience. Say you are experienced and also have a tried and tested record of your job. Then PMBOK accreditation can take you to the next level in your company.

  1. Helps you discover essential abilities.

There are lots of project supervisors around in the job market. In such a situation, how do you attract attention from the crowd? What far better way to do it than by coming to be PMP licensed? It makes your resume much more appealing to business. Extra dramatically, PMBOK qualification instructs you crucial skills to master your career.

PMP qualification has high standards. Therefore, it is hard to clear this examination without extensive preparation. Moreover, it needs you to grasp the practical application of the material. Achieving PMP credential will consist of discovering a number of tough and also soft skills. It constructs the knowledge of fundamental project management processes devices & methods and also approaches. Even more, it exposes you to finest methods as well as existing trends in task monitoring. You can likewise learn brand-new methods and also techniques in job monitoring activities.

Want to maintain expanding in your career? You can not do it without becoming better at what you are doing presently. Experience may teach you to enhance exactly how you manage projects. But, an accreditation can do the same thing in a minimal span of time.

  1. Contributes to higher earnings.

The largest draw of PMP certification is the greater income it can give the job managers. Across the sector, the average income of certified task managers is considerably higher. A current PMI survey specifies that the ordinary median income for a project supervisor with accreditation is $ 1,08,000. On the other hand, the mean revenue for a non-certified project supervisor is just $91,000.

An additional study shows that certified task managers gain nearly 20% more than the non-certified ones. This trend can be seen all over the world including in Center East countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Amongst ladies, PMP accredited holders make a whole lot greater than female, qualified experts in various other fields.

What’s more? PMP has actually constantly been the highest paid IT certification. Also, the pattern indicates that PMP salaries will just remain to grow in the future.

Apart from higher revenue, PMP certification boosts your task safety and security. Some firms value the core competencies learned through qualification throughout downtime. For this reason, PMP credential assists you deal with a prospective lay off far better than not having one.

  1. Supplies networking possibilities.

PMI currently has about 773,840 energetic PMP certification holders throughout the globe. When you sign up as a PMI participant, you enter into that club. PMI sets up regular conferences for members in major cities across the globe. These meetings are likewise arranged to aid the members gain Specialist Development Units (PDUs). These devices are required to satisfy Constant Credential Requirements, likewise called as CCRs. These are necessary to keep the certification for three years.

The benefits of such networking sessions are many. During these meetings, one can be familiar with about any kind of new work opportunities that are shared by people who value this accreditation. PMI meetings allocate details time to advertise such tasks. As well as there are various other online and also offline communities through which PMPs communicate with each other. These communities aid in building professional networks. Additionally, this certification enables an individual to advisor the other PMI PMP candidates.