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Taking a Legal Secretary course

There are many routes that you can take in order to become a legal secretary. Below are the most commonly followed routes. We also provide some tips on how to get started.

To be a legal secretary, you must have a qualification. Legal recruiters and law firms often verify that candidates have a legal secretarial qualification.

You can benefit from a course even if your legal experience is minimal.

You can earn a Diploma in Legal Secretaries. This will give you the ability to understand legal terminology, prepare legal forms, and perform the day-today tasks of a Legal Secretary.

Moving up

Large support teams can be created for law firms. These teams include people in different roles and at different levels. Although you may have set your sights on becoming a legal secretary, it is possible to find it advantageous to take on a different role in the sector. One example is to start as an Administrator, Secretary, or Receptionist in a legal company.

Legal recruiters will consider you if you are a good administrator or secretary. You can also expect to gain knowledge about procedure and law as you progress. Although you might initially focus on administrative tasks, your knowledge of legal tasks will increase and you will be given more responsibilities.

If you’re enthusiastic and eager to learn, your employer could offer you legal secretarial training courses to get the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a Legal secretary. Your expertise will increase and you may be promoted to a more senior position. You may be eligible to apply for more-experienced positions at a different company in the future.

Apprenticeships as a Legal Secretary

Large law firms often offer apprenticeships and trainee Legal Secretaries programs. On-the-job training allows you to work with experienced professionals to learn various skills and to study Legal Secretary modules in order to become proficient in the role.

The apprenticeships for legal secretary are usually at the intermediate stage and can take about one year to complete. While the entry requirements for apprenticeships can vary from firm-to-firm, most employers will require applicants to have GCSE English or Maths (at minimum a grade B) as a minimum.

You will receive all the training you need once you have completed your contract. After completing your contract, you can apply for a permanent job as a legal secretary. Information about apprenticeships can be found on the careers pages at law firm websites.