Hire a Band or DJ for an Event?

Whether you are planning a party, a company event, or maybe a holiday party, the music you decide on plays a tremendous part in the general visitor experience. Music impacts our well-being and feelings. It’s the capability to uplift spirits, raise energy levels, and foster a tranquil ambiance.

But selecting the perfect entertainment for varied events is difficult, so the sticking point is usually the choice between a DJ or maybe live band music. That is superior for your event? Continue reading for our rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of each, best practices for hiring, along with questions to ask each music vendor.
The cons and pros of if you should hire a live band or perhaps a DJ:
See the pros of employing a live band for the event of yours

  1. Motivation skills. A live band is able to get your crowd motivated. This is ideal for weddings, parties, and also high energy events with dancing.
  2. Better interaction. band leaders that are Talented are able to rally the group and also switch gears on a dime. Rings also can change the tempo for a wide variety of songs to accommodate the audience.
  3. Entertained for all. A live band is enjoyable to dance, listen to, and also watch. Even guests that do not dance will benefit from the performance.
  4. High quality sound. A live band simply sounds much better. This is not likely to make or even break the bat mitzvah of yours, but in case you are hosting a corporate event with important stakeholders, you really want to provide them the very best experience.

5.’ Wow’ factor. People producing music together is exciting and dynamic uniquely. Bands also provide and evoke much more emotional engagement, and that is just what you would like at a party or even wedding.
See the cons of employing a live band for the event of yours

  1. More expensive. Bands are costlier since you are paying several members for the services of theirs. In case you are already working on a small budget, this might stretch it thin.
  2. Less variety. Regardless of how incredible the band, they just understand a limited amount of songs. Additionally, they likely play a certain genre such as country, R&B, or rock.
  3. More space. A live 80s function band occupies far more room in the venue of yours since they’ve much more gear. Do you’ve the area available? Try using a floor planning application to see exactly how much room you’ve for musicians.
  4. Volume. Most bands pump up the amount, that may overwhelm several visitors – particularly in smaller areas.
  5. Last minute changes. The lead singer wowed you. In case they get sick, you can wind up with an alternative.
    Investigate the pros of employing a DJ for the event of yours
  6. Cost. A DJ generally costs under a live band.
  7. Customizable setlist. A DJ has use of thousands of songs so that you are able to personalize the playlist to fit the event and some specific requests.
  8. Easy replacements. If your DJ becomes sick, they will (hopefully!) have a backup who could take the spot of theirs. Spinning CDs is a lot easier than punching in the top notes of an Earth, Fire tune, and Wind.
  9. Less space. A DJ and most of the equipment of theirs is able to go with a smaller location than a complete band requires.
  10. No breaks. Your DJ will hold music going all night. Even in case they have to have a quick break, they can queue up a couple of songs to coat the absence of theirs.
    See the cons of employing a DJ for the event of yours
  11. No improv. A DJ cannot delay tempos or even play an extended solo to support for time.
  12. A lot of improv. Your DJ may believe that cracking jokes will engage the crowd, but this may have the complete opposite effect.
  13. Volume control. While a DJ can easily manage the amount to preserve things affordable at a small-to-medium sized indoor venue, outdoor and large venues present another issue. You will need a good staff to minimize distortion.
  14. Equipment failure. A band is able to play without a good system (or perhaps electricity). A DJ can’t. If something fails with the gear, there’s no music.
  15. One person show. A DJ just isn’t as flashy or showy like a live band. And some choose never to speak in the slightest, silently spinning tunes as requested.
    How you can decide whether the event of yours would benefit from both a DJ: and a band

For large scale activities (and also assuming you’ve the budget), employing a band AND a DJ lets visitors like the very best of both choices.

Hosting a wedding party? Have the band play for cocktail hour, the first special dances, and also through dinner. Create a DJ for dancing throughout the night.

Planning an all day corporate event? Use the expertise of a DJ during the morning for everyday background music and also work with a band for the evening reception.

Use both a DJ along with a band at the very same time. When the band breaks, the DJ will come on for a couple of tunes. Alternatively, let the DJ accommodate song requests that are specific between sets.

Seven Steps for Hiring a Band or perhaps DJ for the Event: one. Hit the web for ideas.

Get a concept of what a DJ sounds as on sites like Soundcloud or Spotify. Plus there is nothing like a Google search to support you in finding a band or perhaps DJ for an event near you.

  1. Visit the DJ and Band sites.

A polished, site that is informative indicates the DJ or maybe band has got the amount of professionalism you want. The site ought to have video clips along with playlists which offer you a comprehensive concept of the how, style, and talent they vibe with guests.

  1. Meet in person.

Before you use some entertainment type for the event of yours, see them in person. Demos and also websites are able to say a great deal about the abilities of theirs, though practically nothing beats a face-to-face interaction. (See our list of job interview questions below.)

  1. Stick with knowledgeable professionals.

You’ve a friend who could spin a couple of tunes. You understand a fellow that plays with a bar band on the holidays. But do they’ve the amount of professionalism to make the event of yours a success? Check for individuals who happen to be in the business for 3 years or even more.

  1. Match the entertainer to the occasion.

Do the research of yours and find bands and DJs that specialize in the event you’re planning. A band used to wedding gigs, might not be the best choice for a specialized conference after party. When you are preparing an anniversary bash or even a little fundraising gala, a DJ experienced with large scale events might be beyond the budget of yours.

  1. Request referrals and check out internet reviews.

Ask for suggestions from individuals who used their services before. Also research business review listings, like Google Reviews & Yelp.

  1. Consider the price.

Established and live performers and proven DJs are going to cost a little more, but they’re usually well worth the extra expense. For small scale events, you are able to think about emerging DJs and entertainers – though it is crucial to observe them in action.
Six Questions to Ask your Entertainer During the Interview Process

Always interview the vendors of yours before hiring. This can help you determine if they are the best fit, the communication skills of theirs, and the willingness of theirs to adapt to the needs of yours. Ask the following questions:

  1. Tell me about your fave event work or perhaps performances?

Their answers provide you with a window into the passion of theirs for the business of theirs, and the forms of activities which suit them best. When you are planning a 25th wedding anniversary gathering, pick somebody who likes playing to a mixed age crowd. When considering a company event, pick somebody who works very well in a professional setting.

  1. What happens should you or maybe a staff member is away on the morning on the event?

There is wrong answer or maybe no right to this question, so long as they’ve a plan. In case they claim, “I am never ill, therefore it is not really a problem” – start working on the subsequent job interview.

  1. Which food do you see as the part of yours only at that event?

Different band leaders and DJs have distinct ideas. Some view themselves as entertainers; others think they are simply there to enjoy the music. Consider what you want ahead of time so that you are able to pick someone who could fill up the necessary role.

  1. What would you and band members use to this event?

You would like the band of yours or DJ to place the picture of the event. Ripped jeans and Chuck Taylor sneakers will not seem professional with a specialized gala, in addition to a tux is over-the-top for a casual rock n’ roll event. In case they request the preference of yours, be honest and up-front.

  1. Do you’ve some equipment requirements?

Good to know ahead of time because add ons like extra speaker and mics rentals will influence the finances of yours.

  1. Who’ll perform as well as DJ at my event?

In case you hired a band since the singer has an excellent voice, you need to ensure they are the people who’ll enjoy the event of yours. Many bands swap out players for various functions, plus certain DJs have other people who are working in the location of theirs. There is nothing wrong with this exercise, though you wish to make sure you are getting who you are hiring.