Wedding Marquee Lighting – How To Light Up Your Marquee

Weddings are about celebration and romance. Obviously, you truly want the marquee of yours to look gorgeous and also to be an attractive space for the guests of yours. Lighting is crucial to building atmosphere. and also In this particular blog we check out several of the wedding lighting hire choices readily available to enable you to obtain your wedding marquee looking simply perfect.

  1. Functional Lighting

All marquees require a little element of purposeful lighting. This could are available in the type of pendant lighting, chandeliers or perhaps up lighters. All may be placed on dimmer switches therefore the light could be set to fit time of day/night. We are likely to favour up lighters while they remain at the foundation of the linings and up light the wall space of the marquee producing a subtle but useful background light.

Other much more functional lighting may be needed for catering tents (strip lights), and to light automobile parks, paths to privies wherein a floodlight could be fitted.

  1. Decorative Lighting

This’s the fun things. Depending on how you’re decorating the marquee of yours might rely on the design of lighting you choose:

Chandeliers: add some glamour to the marquee of yours with chandeliers, good for developing a chic traditional wedding marquee or even for including some elegance on the roof area in an obvious roof marquee.

Fairy Lights: may be used behind the top linings to present quite a romantic look – these look wonderful night and day.

Festoon Lighting: traditional big bulb lighting will be strung in the roof area below the marquee linings on a dimmer switch. By night or day it mounts atmosphere and works fairly nicely with dull marquee linings.

Alternatively they could be strung from the top area along with fairy lighting behind the linings to give an excellent blend! It looks amazing whether you choose linings or even have an obvious roof marquee – a lot of twinkle!

Starcloth Linings: for clean twinkle factor, starcloth linings look fantastic! White starcloth is quite and romantic whilst the tan starcloth is generally employed more than a dance floor to put in some drama! Dividing curtains are able to be worn during the day therefore dance floor place is concealed then when the right time comes you could make the big reveal for the nighttime celebrations.

Lighting Rigs: in case you’re getting a band or even doing your own personal music and also simply wish to receive the party started then what about including a lighting rig for good party atmosphere – it’s certain to get your visitors dancing all the evening!

  1. Hanging Lighting

Paper Lanterns: These have gained popularity in the past couple of years and are a terrific aspect usually adding colour and light towards the roof area. They may be worn with small battery operated lights so they shine as the evening attracts in.

Hanging Greenery & Lighting: for total’ wow’ element your lighting is able to be entirely theatrical and appear to be just amazing. Combing vegetation on a suspended framework with dangling lighting creates a spectacular function to the marquee of yours by night and day.

4.Table Decorations

Candles: there’s something specific about a candelabra redecorating tables with a wedding reception, though you are able to also get creative and also use candles to create your own personal personal centre piece to suit the theme of yours. Candles will not increase much light but are good at contributing to the romance.

Table Lights: Here is a lovely concept – glass bottles full of led fairy lights! In this particular picture the plastic bottles are utilized as table plans which could subsequently decorate each table. So effective particularly for a wintry wedding ceremony when the nights are darker a lot earlier.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

Do not forget to consider lighting outside the marquee of yours, for both decorative and practical motives. You are able to actually contribute to the ambiance by lighting an outdoor area or even help welcome evening visitors by lighting a pathway.

Festoon Lighting. Use festoon bulbs on poles in order to light any backyard area adjacent to the marquee or even to light a pathway to/from the marquee.

Lamps. Similarly use lanterns to spotlight a route or even to edge an outdoor sitting area.