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Cryptocurrency – What Is It?

A few years ago were you to mention the word “cryptocurrency” in my mind I could have imagined a currency that relied on an underworld banking system with traders who wear hoods, seated behind untrustworthy computers.

We are now reading about it not just in the business section of the daily news websites or financial magazines, but on their front pages. The entire sections of news magazines are now devoted to topics such as Bitcoin.

The world’s jurisdictions are scrambling to put in the law regulations and legislation to enable or facilitate businesses to conduct Initial coin offerings (ICO’s) or token-based issuances. Are “cryptocurrency” really the correct term? What is the correct term “digital currencies”? “Virtual currency”?

The question that we have to ask ourselves is what we will refer to it, do cryptocurrencies really warrant this much interest. Should we be paying this much attention? What impact will cryptocurrency be in the long term?

What’s that?

In the end, cryptocurrency is since blockchain-based platforms are designed to be – totally decentralised. It is a blockchain based on financial transactions which means it’s not governed through any bank central or financial authority. It is instead run by a peer-to peer community computer network comprised of computers belonging to users, also known as “nodes”. If you are familiar with what BitTorrent is the same principles apply.

Blockchain is an actual digital database – an “distributed public ledger” that is managed using cryptography. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is secure because it has been verified digitally by a procedure known as “mining”. Mining is a procedure where every piece of information that is entered into the Bitcoin blockchain is mathematically verified with a very complex digital code , which is then set in the blockchain network. The blockchain network will verify the new entries in the ledger, and also any modifications to the ledger.

While it’s fundamentally anonymous, the math behind it creates an open ledger of transactions which means that every transaction can ultimately be traced back through cryptography.

What is the reason it is so important?

It is important to note that there are many kinds of cryptocurrency. For the purpose of this article I’ll be focusing on the most frequently mentioned and utilized: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency – a financial one, created by an individual (or group or group, we don’t know) known as Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. The value of Bitcoin has risen to an alarming level You may have noticed fragments of it floating around the Internet like “if I had bought $100 worth of bitcoin to 2010 I’d be more than $100 million today” or the bitcoin’s first billionaires. Many retailers and online sellers are starting accepting Bitcoin as a means for payment.

Without going into details, although Ethereum is quite like Bitcoin Its uses go beyond the financial aspect of things, such as mining, to providing services through its own blockchain. Ethereum offers an inbuilt programming language that are used to write intelligent contracts which can be utilized to fulfill a variety of purposes that include the transfer of funds as well as mining its own electronic token called Ether (which can be even more complicated in comparison to Bitcoin).

In the months prior to Christmas 2017 the cryptocurrency industry was undergoing a process known as “mooning”1. In other words, their prices went insanely high. It was the completely incorrect time to purchase cryptocurrency. Just before Christmas, the whole market crashed completely, losing around 20% of its market capitalization.

Then, it bounced back. Then, in mid-January cryptocurrency exchanges once again crashed with prices in Ethereum for instance, falling around 25%..

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Thus, the headlines. Regulators are issuing “buyer beware” warnings (certainly required however, many central regulators have difficulty with the idea of controlling the decentralisation of technology). Making investments in Initial coin offerings (ICO’s) and cryptocurrencies is highly speculative and you risk losing all of your investment.

It is true. Of course, you could affirm that the public owners from Lehman Brothers also did, however, it is evident that cryptocurrency exchanges are more volatile than market for stocks.

However, cryptocurrency is crucial and it will not disappear and will not be limited to 100 years like some may think. Transactions are quick, secure, and digital. secure , and accessible to all which allows the keeping of records without risk of data being stolen. The risk of fraud is actually reduced.

As an added benefit, digital currencies like Bitcoin is not likely to cause inflation. The amount of bitcoins that can be mined at any time is limited to 21 million. There is no way to increase the total cash available that is in the system could be raised through any bank central to it. Bitcoin is by nature limited in its supply… however, it is possible to say that cryptocurrencies are endless as they are able to be produced by anyone.
Do I really need to take any action?

Numerous large banks are investing money in either collaboration with existing cryptocurrency clientele (JPMorgan using Zcash) or creating its own crypto (such like Bank of America).

If I’m inquired, “Should I think about purchasing any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum?”, I usually respond along these lines [and also note that I’m in no way an investment advisor and I’m not in a position to offer any investment advice, therefore all of this shouldn’t be taken seriously as advice on any investmentas such. In essence, do you have extra money? Do you enjoy speculating on a volatile investment (and I’m using the term “fairly” in order to be courteous)? Have you ever visited Las Vegas? If yes, then you are welcome into the Crypto Casino.

As previously mentioned that cryptocurrency markets are now all across the board. In spite of that, one must keep in mind that Outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum There are many top-quality digital tokens and coin issuers that have top management and backing and very effective AML processes implemented, a solid business model, etc.

However there are a lot of totally flimsy ICO’s happening.

This is why there is a need for regulators “buyer beware” warnings. It is essential to conduct your own research prior to making a decision to invest.

In terms of significance Another important point to consider is that, when cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely used however, it’s actually blockchain technology, which is decentralised blockchain, which is the foundation on the foundation of crypto on, that is the real masterpiece.

Blockchain is merely an application platform. Its technology permits cryptocurrencies as well as its digital tokens function within it. In essence, any transaction that is that can be recorded could be attributed to blockchain, regardless of whether it’s medical records, immigration data birth certificates and insurance policies – all information is stored and protected through the blockchain.

The usage of smart contracts that are based in Ethereum blockchain Ethereum blockchain and protocols that permit self-execution for contracts after the conditions have been met is likely to become the subject of important news in addition.


It should be considered the fact that cryptocurrency is an kind of currency that’s existed for 10 years. It’s not gold, and it isn’t fiat. It’s a completely new technology that has already demonstrated its potential to fundamentally alter the financial system of the world. However, it’s not 100% perfect.

Digital, also known as crypto virtual currencies have brought about an entirely new paradigm in how we view money. The way we view the possibility of buying it. The way we consider the possibility of spending the money.

Make sure you are careful when buying it.