Fake Euro notes and coins

Right here in Spain thus far you will find nonetheless 2 kinds of Euros accessible and several folks mistake the older approach being phony notes, this is not the situation both continue to be legal tender.

The brand new series – Europa series of euro banknotes

The Europa series of banknotes are now being released steadily over many seasons. The 4 very first banknotes within the brand new series, the €5, €10, €50 and €20, began spreading in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 respectively. The €200 and €100 had been unveiled on seventeen September 2018 and will begin circulating on twenty eight May 2019. They are going to complete the issuance of the Europa series.

The ECB has made the decision to quit producing the €500 banknote, though the original sequence €500 remains legal tender.


The brand new banknotes are known as the Europa series because 2 of the protection capabilities have a portrait of Europa. This figure from Greek mythology was incorporated within the brand-new euro banknotes since it’s an apparent link to the continent of Europe as well as gives a human touch to the banknotes. The picture of Europa was taken from a vase within the Louvre in Paris.

Why fresh banknotes €

The ECB as well as the national central banks (NCBs) of the Eurosystem are accountable for the integrity of euro banknotes. That is the reason they’ve created a second set of euro banknotes with enhanced security features that hold banknotes secure and keep public trust in the currency.

Keeping in front of counterfeiters

The brand new euro banknotes benefit from developments in banknote technology. The brand new security features provide far better protection against counterfeiting.

The Eurosystem’s research and development strategy states that euro banknotes have to be self defending, therefore making life hard for counterfeiters. Banks, expert cash handlers as well as the public need being in a position to understand counterfeit banknotes; they therefore help support the Eurosystem’s anti counterfeiting strategy.

Longer-Lasting and tough

The brand new euro banknotes are usually stronger compared to the first series. It means that the banknotes will have to be replaced less regularly, therefore reducing costs and also the impact on the planet. That is vital, particularly for the €5 and €10 banknotes, as they switch hands more frequently than another notes.

Parallel blood circulation of banknotes of the first series and on the Europa series

The very first sequence of euro banknotes will still be given alongside the Europa sequence of notes until the other stocks are used up. They’ll then be slowly phased out. The day when the first sequence of euro banknotes ceases to always be legal tender is announced well ahead of time. Nevertheless, the banknotes of the first sequence will keep their value: they could be replaced for an unlimited period of time at the Eurosystem NCBs.

The best way to recognize fake euros

The brand new paperwork must feel sharp, special printing processes give banknotes the distinctive feel of theirs.

Feel the banknote. On the front, there’s many short raised lines on right edges and the left. The primary picture, the lettering and also the huge value numeral also feel fuller, in case it feels way too smooth it may be a fake.

Look at the banknote against the light. The portrait window and watermark along with the protection thread start to be visible.

Tilt the banknote. The silvery stripe reveals a portrait of Europa inside a transparent window as well as the emerald number displays an outcome on the light which moves up and down.

Extra features The extra security options that come with the banknote importance to be examined with special products that all main stores as well as naturally banks have.

What can I do if I think that a banknote is fake €

If you’re handed a banknote and also you believe it is fake after using the FEEL, LOOK and also TILT method, subsequently it most likely is phony and also you should not take it. If you believe you currently possess a counterfeit banknote, you need to instantly inform the authorities or even the relevant national authorities.

It’s a criminal offence to pass on a banknote that you think or even understand is a counterfeit. Fake banknotes are entirely useless, you are going to receive no compensation for taking a fake banknote.

In order to double check the banknote, you are able to likewise get it to your nearest bank. All banks have specific cash handling gear which can detect phony notes. Make an effort to recall who gave you the banknote and where. This info is invaluable in assisting to track down counterfeiters.

FAKE COINS – Always check the change of yours.

Fake/counterfeit coins might be in blood circulation in the Alicante/Elche area. these could be easily wrongly identified as the actual 2 € coins as at first sight the fake coins look similar as the latest reproduction method utilizes minting methods much like those that are utilized to create the genuine coins. While the mass is different (they are much lighter) additionally, the thickness of the diameter and the edge don’t match the technical specs of legal tender coins, these have small defects on the edge and the facial skin and can seem different when knocked together.