Van insurance UK: what it is and what you need

What’s a commercial van? And just how much is commercial van insurance? You have to insure some vehicle by law, though a regular policy may not be sufficient. Read our FAQs and guide and maintain your van protected from theft and crash.

Commercial van insurance: your top FAQs

Vehicle classification could be complex, particularly when you use the van of yours for private journeys and work. Here is a round up of your most common issues.

What’s a commercial van?

The recognized distinction being used by HMRC states that a business car is in excess of 3.5 tonnes, or maybe is able to relocating a payload (the load aspect you are receiving revenue from, or even cargo and passengers) of several tonne. And this will generally include lorries, vans, tractors, car-derived vans and pick-up-trucks (CDV).
What possibly can a commercial van be utilized for?

In many instances, commercial vehicles (including vans) are utilized for internet business purposes only. This could establish your van’s tax status, in addition to the insurance of yours and MOT responsibilities.

Nevertheless, the regulations are complex. It is much more about just how your van is built than what you wear it for, that is going to determine its status. We explain about this specific below.
At what time is a van not a commercial vehicle?

The simplest way to consider this’s by checking out the vehicle type you’ve, and also what it is built for. If it is not a goods car, or maybe it has been constructed as a private car, like an automobile, then it is most likely not a commercial vehicle.

One more crucial concern is what your van carries. If it is mainly designed to carry the driver, only one or maybe 2 passengers plus your equipment and products, it is likely you have a commercial vehicle. On the flip side, in case it is mainly intended to transport individuals, it may be classified as an automobile or even mini bus instead.

Not certain how the van of yours should be classified? Consult your insurance provider when you Compare van insurance.
What’s commercial van insurance?

Commercial van insurance is a certain policy type, and different on the only one you will have for your own personal automobile. It is designed to discuss the van you make use of for company, and can also protect the resources and supplies you transport.

This’s insurance created to defend the company of yours, minimising damage if your van is destroyed or stolen.

Exactly how much is commercial van insurance?

This can rely on a few different elements, which includes your:

van type (bigger vans might spend more often, for example)

enterprise activities

additional drivers (in case you’ve any)

promises history

mileage and also journey estimates

storage (where you park your van overnight)

protection features

Your commercial van insurance cover is going to take these into consideration when pulling together yor quote(s), and so get all the information of yours to hand.
Do I require commercial van insurance?

By law, you have to insure some car unless you have registered as well as declared it’ off-road’. Standard cover (the kind you’ve for your own personal automobile, for example) may not be sufficient in case your van is being utilized for work.

whether you are using the van of yours for business although not covered properly with certain industrial van insurance, you will not be screened if you are in a crash, or maybe your van is stolen.
Does commercial van insurance have VAT added?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is not put into personal and commercial policy premiums. Rather, you might notice tax payable as Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), typically contained in your quote break down or perhaps calculation.

Standard IPT is lower compared to VAT, and now set at twelve per cent. The bigger speed, that is going to apply to several automobile insurance, is set at twenty per cent.