Ankle & Foot Pain

If you are experiencing ankle as well as/ or foot pain after that seeing a physio will certainly allow you to recuperate quickly as well as return to sporting activities, work as well as the important things you enjoy most.

One of the most common causes of ankle pain and foot discomfort we see at Recover Physiotherapy are terrible injuries such as ankle sprains or persistent discomfort related to achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. Our physios will certainly assist you to get the proper medical diagnosis so you can have the very best therapy, enabling recovery.
Just how a physiotherapist can assist


We will certainly ask you in detail regarding the symptoms of your ankle & foot discomfort as well as evaluate the biomechanics of exactly how you relocate, your pose and also the feature of your muscles, joints and tendons.

Medical diagnosis

We will then identify the source of the pain, this may consist of identification of a variety of variables which have contributed to the discomfort beginning.


We will formulate a therapy strategy and also discuss this with you. Therapies will certainly initially be targeted at lowering discomfort and then recovery to maximise performance of the damaged location. Therapies may consist of:

Guidebook Treatment
Corrective workout

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Typical reasons for ankle joint & foot discomfort

Sprained Ankle is an incredibly typical injury that occurs when the ankle joint spins or turn out of it’s regular position. It makes it unpleasant to stroll and may trigger swelling and pain.

Plantar Fasciitis creates discomfort in the heel and arc of the foot and also happens when you strain as well as injury the foot leading to swelling of the ligament.

Achillies Tendonopathy often takes place when individuals begin a brand-new workout regimen or boost the amount of workout they do. It creates swelling and also tightening of the tendon.

Lower Limb Fractures are fractures in the bones. Orthopaedic doctors usually refer their patients to us after surgical procedure to assist with the recovery of the arm or leg. Often clients will certainly locate their muscle mass become weak and also their joints rigid.