Bailiffs & Debt Collectors. The Difference?

What can bailiffs do?

Bailiffs can only visit you after they have actually sent you a letter to let you know they’ll be coming. If you don’t do this, the bailiff will go to.

A bailiff can just enter your home through a door and in a peaceful way with your approval. Bailiffs can’t use force to enter your house or break down your doors.

Once they’re in the home, they can start making a list of products which they could later get rid of to sell at auction.

For most types of debts, bailiffs can’t force their method to your house and for the most part we recommend that you don’t let them in.

Nevertheless, if a bailiff is gathering a criminal fine they can utilize force to enter your house. This will just be done as a last option and this power is really rarely used.

Bailiffs from HM Income & Customs can also utilize force when collecting some tax debts, however they need a court’s permission and once again, this is really rarely used.

Bailiffs gathering financial obligations at company properties have wider powers to require entry, so if you’re self-employed and own a store or workshop, they may be able to break in.

If there’s a bailiff at your door you can lock the door and speak to them through the letterbox or an upstairs window if you ‘d choose.

If a bailiff enters your home they’ll typically make a list of anything of value you have that might be offered to pay off the debts. You can learn what bailiffs can draw from your home here. They do not usually take the items immediately, and will offer you the possibility to pay towards the financial obligation in what’s called a ‘controlled products agreement’.

If you don’t make the payments agreed, the bailiffs can return to take the items they’ve noted. These will then be offered to raise money to pay towards the financial obligation. It is very important to discuss that if a bailiff has currently enjoyed your house and made a list of products they can use force to enter upon their next see.
What can debt collectors do?

Debt collectors do not have any special powers that can help them to collect a debt.

You may discover that they call you through phone calls and letters nevertheless in many cases they might visit your home too.

If a financial obligation collector appears at your house, you don’t have to open the door to them or let them in. If you ask to leave, they need to go, and they can’t take anything from your house either.

If you talk with the debt collector, they require to show you ID if you ask. They may ask you to make payments to the debt there and after that, however you do not have to do this. You can do this over the phone with your lender straight if you ‘d choose, so you have control over the amount you can offer to pay.

If you do make a cash payment to a debt collector, make certain you get an invoice and keep hold of it.