How much is a claim for housing disrepair worth?

If you are a lessee or lessee as well as your property manager has actually failed to execute repair work which they learnt about to your residence, you are likely to be able to ask the court to award you 3 things: an order compelling your landlord to complete the fixings, compensation, and also your legal expenses. There are a great deal of various factors determining just how much payment a housing lawyer will help you achieve. This is a standard guide to the sort of elements that will be thought about.

Compensation for ‘pain, suffering and also loss of service’

You will certainly be made up for ‘discomfort, suffering and also loss of amenity’ for the hassle and also distress caused by having needed to reside in a residential property in disrepair, or potentially for needing to leave your residence as a result of the disrepair. This is calculated in relation to your rental fee if you are a lessee, or the marketplace lease for your home if you were to allow it out to an ensured shorthold occupant if you are a leaseholder. You essentially will receive a percentage of your lease back through in which you have needed to deal with disrepair. It matters not if another person pays your lease, such as the Housing Benefit division, this is just a way of determining just how much settlement you ought to obtain instead of really obtaining some of your rent back.

The percent that you receive will certainly depend upon how extreme the disrepair, and also therefore your loss, is. If your building is totally uninhabitable yet you have actually been living in it anyhow you will certainly obtain 100%. This is incredibly unusual. An award of 100% would certainly be possible for a home without home heating or warm water, maybe no water or electrical power supply in all, exceptionally serious moist, and also structural damage meaning it was dangerous. It is a lot more common for judges to make awards around the 25% to 50% range. There is no set policy, it will certainly be chosen by comparing past cases to yours.


Disrepair: pipes leak into one room for 4 years continuously.

Rent: ₤ 600pcm.

Value of rent for the whole period of the case: ₤ 28,800.

Settlement at 25%: ₤ 7200.

Settlement for lost things.

If your personal belongings have been damaged as a result of disrepair, as an example water harmed by a leakage, or you have been propounded additional cost, for instance needing to pay greater heating expenses because of draughty windows, you will additionally be made up for this loss.

You will certainly not generally be granted the substitute value for a thing, but a sum to show the reality that the anticipated lifetime of the product has been cut brief. For instance, if your 5 years of age rug which set you back ₤ 1000 was wrecked by a water leak, as well as can have or else been expected to last 15 years, you might obtain around ₤ 650: you have actually lost around 2 thirds of the carpeting’s expected life.

The quantity you get will also depend upon the evidence you are able to provide that you had and also shed the products, for instance receipts and photographs. If you do not have proof you might be granted something, yet generally much less than if you did have evidence.


If you assume you might have a case against your property owner for disrepair call us.