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When to Hire a Lawyer

Is it better to hire a professional or do it yourself? For this important decision, get some advice. Learn when you will require legal aid and when you may be able to make it work without additional costs.
It is not always easy to answer the question “When should I hire a legal professional?” Although there are situations in which the answer is “yes”, others require that you consider several factors.

Why you should hire a lawyer

Some situations call for the hiring of a עורך דין:

You’re in Over Your Head

This is a more emotional decision. You feel uncomfortable representing yourself. There are many factors that can affect your comfort level. These include how much knowledge you have about the subject, how accessible information is, how difficult it is to learn yourself, how comfortable you feel in your ability to speak English both verbally as well as in writing (especially if required to appear in court). It’s time for a lawyer to help you decide if this case is too important to lose.

You could be sent to prison

Hire an attorney if you are being charged with a crime (including domestic violence and tax fraud) or motor vehicle offenses such as driving under influence, vehicular killing, or any number of unpaid parking tickets.

It’s possible to lose a lot of money

Find a lawyer if you fear losing a lot in a lawsuit.

Your Opponent has an attorney

If you are unable to face an attorney representing your opponent, it will put you at disadvantage.

Bodily Injury Could Be Caused

While an automobile accident is the most common scenario, it can also happen in other situations such as someone getting bitten by their dog, being injured on your property or suffering from injuries caused by defective products. It doesn’t matter if you have homeowners or auto insurance. However, it is a good idea to get legal advice. If you or a loved one has been injured and you believe you have a claim, most personal injury attorneys will not charge you any fees. However, they will take payment from the verdict.

There are many things to consider when you divorce.

You will require legal assistance if there are any disagreements about assets or children or allegations of domestic abuse. You can each hire one lawyer to assist with the legal process, even if your agreement is not complete.

You need to administer the estate of a person who has passed away

Many areas have simplified procedures for “small estates”, where a person leaves very few assets and the law or the will is clear as to who inherits. Sometimes, a lawyer is not necessary in these cases. A probate lawyer may be able to help with complex estates.

You Want To Do Comprehensive Estate Planning

A simple will, power-of- attorney, living will, or basic trust can be prepared without the help of a lawyer. It is important to make sure you are familiar with what you are doing. A lawyer is essential to ensure that everything is done correctly, especially if there are tax issues or large estates.

You’re Adopting a Child

Adopting children is a significant matter. A lawyer will help ensure that things go according to plan.

A contract is required

It is crucial that you understand all terms and conditions of any contract you are required to sign. A lawyer can help you understand the terms and how to prepare a contract.

Complex Business Issues

Hire a lawyer if you are looking for help with complex business organizations (multiple entities), tax matters, filing for a patent, or becoming involved in litigation.

What to do when you want to represent yourself

If you feel confident handling the issue yourself, there are many situations that make it easier to self-represent. These include:

Parking tickets and minor traffic violations

These minor infractions are most often handled by traffic court and the majority of those who attend do not need a lawyer.

Relatively Easy Divorce

If you and the spouse can come to an agreement on how your property and debts will be divided, and if they are open to cooperating in the preparation and filing of the court papers, then it is possible for you to get your divorce.

Small Claims Court Available

Most countries have a special procedure to deal with minor disputes. These usually involve claims less than a dollar amount.

Basic Business Matters

A little research will help you find the right information to register for an EIN (Employer Identification Number), an assumed (also known under doing business as or D/b/a), as well as a trademark, trade name, or form a business entity (LLC), corporation, partnership, or other type of business entity). These include creating basic contracts and forms, as well as hiring employees and independent contractors.

When you can avoid the legal system

Here are some examples of situations when it may be more beneficial to attempt a dispute resolution without going to court. Or, you can forget about the problem altogether and move on.

You’re angry, and it is “a matter principle”

It is rare that clients will pursue matters as “a matter-of-principle” which are worth taking to court. This includes minor disputes between neighbors and people who degrade you (slander and/or libel), or cause you emotional distress. You will not be able prove any monetary damage.

You’ve been fired

Even if you think it is worthwhile to sue your employer for negligence, you should be ready to pay several thousands of dollars to a labor attorney up front. There is no guarantee that the case will succeed. It could take several years for your case to be resolved. You might be better off filing a claim to unemployment compensation or a complaint at the appropriate agency if your case is being treated unfairly or harassed. Employers may not be inclined to hire someone who has sued an employer in the past.

Finding a lawyer

Once you have answered the question, “Do i need a lawyer?” now it’s time to find one. There are many types and areas of law that lawyers can practice, such as business, criminal, or estate planning. Asking friends for referrals, looking through print and online directories are all ways to start your search for an attorney. It is possible to ask a lawyer for advice on an hourly rate, but not full representation.

The Value of Hiring A Lawyer

Legal services usually are not affordable. Legal services are generally more expensive if your case is complex. Sometimes, representing yourself can prove costly. Consider asking the question: Is it worth the peace of mind that comes with entrusting the problem in the hands of professionals?

Other Options

Other than hiring a lawyer and going it alone, there may be other options, such as speaking to an agency (such a consumer protection agency, a commission for insurance, public utilities, or banking). Legal assistance may also be available through different groups or community senior citizens organizations.