Evil Eye Jewellery

It is stated that ‘the eye is the window to the soul’ as it frequently reveals our real emotions to the outside world. But there is one ‘look’ that is shrouded in enigma and also mythology: The Evil Eye.

Take your mind back to a journey to Greece or Turkey where you will certainly have surely came across a wealth of glass grains, amulets and also ceramics embellished with the Evil Eye charm. Yet what is it about this hypnotic sign that has transcended cultures and also continents to end up being a jewellery pattern without borders?

With a background dating back to old civilisations, the Evil Eye charm has actually commonly been embraced by lots of societies as a symbol of security against harm where envy or malevolence is inflicted on someone by another. A favorable pressure, the appeal helps the holder to deflect tension or bad away.

We likewise like to interpret it as a symbol of wisdom as this interesting practice instructs us not to be jealous of others’ success, but instead to attain fulfilment through our very own efforts.


Offering tokens and also other amulets has long been a way of making certain a close friend or family member obtains good luck and defense while away from residence. Nowadays that same touching motion can be found in the type of magnificently handcrafted jewellery.

A new take on the relationship bracelet, traditional icons make the ideal gift for that special someone. Charms that radiate as well as intrigue, you can now embellish your ears, neck or wrists with talismans in silver, yellow gold vermeil or climbed gold vermeil, or offer them as significant presents.

Offered in our contemporary and great jewellery collections, our evil eye necklace sits alongside various other symbolic pieces from our Biography Collection, recommending an option of present alternatives that have individual significance.

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