Foaming Sugar Scrub Made with A Whipped Soap Base

With summer quickly approaching, I needed to create a foaming sugar scrub as I’m all about exfoliating lately. Because it’s produced with a bath butter, it’s fluffy and light. It’s made using a mix of a Whipped Sugar scrub soap base. Not merely can it be easy to make, it’s likewise lovely to use.

Let us discuss the ingredients:

Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar in the scrub will exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating clears the dead cells that can easily aggravate your skin and also allow it to be more difficult for fresh cells to produce.
Whipped Soap Base

Whipped Soap Base will be the detergent for the scrub, it’s likewise what’s likely to provide you with the whipped fluffy component of the scrub. You are able to often make this or purchase it. I actually prefer to allow it to be at home. The formula which I used is a bubbly foam bath butter. In case you prefer to purchase it you are able to do this with these.
Olive Oil

Organic olive oil is utilized since it is just going being washed away, I favor using the more affordable oils. The engine oil will leave the skin feeling of yours moisturized.
Veggie Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is an all natural humectant, which could mean it draws moisture out of the atmosphere and really helps to ensure that it stays on the epidermis of yours. It is able to additionally help pulling moisture out of deeper levels of the skin to the counter, combating skin that is dry.

Optiphen Plus is definitely the preservative that I’m using. Although there’s no water in this healthy recipe, it’s essential to add one since it’s very likely that when working with it water might be brought to the scrub. Nevertheless, the whipped soap base currently has a preservative in it. Which means you are going to need to subtract that from the formula when identifying the quantity of preservative needed.

This exfoliating scrub is going to leave your skin be very soft and refreshed, love!

The best way to make use of the high sugar scrub

You are able to often scoop the completed scrub into a container or maybe pipe it. I would rather pipe it in, as it will make the completed product appear much better and it’s not messy.
Whipped Foaming Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub Formula

A handmade whipped sugar scrub formula, that’s certain to keep the skin feeling of yours rejuvenated.

Prep Time15 mins

Cook Time15 mins

Total Time30 mins

Servings: four ounces

Cost: $5

Hands Mixer



Blending bowl

Box to keep it in

1.58 ounce|39.5 % White Granulated Sugar
1.88 ounce|forty seven % Whipped Soap Base
0.08 ounce|two % Vegetable Glycerin
0.40 ounce|ten % Olive Oil
0.04 ounce|one % Fragrance Oil
0.02 ounce|.5 % Broad Spectrum Preservative
Mica Powder Optional

Mix your whipped soap base and vegetable glycerin combined with a hand mixer.

Add coconut oil and mix completely.

Add mix and fragrance.

Add mica powder plus preservative next mix once again.

While mixing, gradually pour the sugar. If required slowly add extra sugar until you get to the preferred consistency.

Either pipe or scoop into pots.

Even though this wash doesn’t include water, I include the preservative in case water is launched when using the scrub. When finding out just how much to utilize, recall your whipped soap base currently has a preservative in it; hence you’ll just require it for the majority of the components.