Gramicci Original G Shorts Review

Sandstone and gritstone rock faces are unforgiving surface areas. They additionally happen to be often encountered surface areas when it comes to rock climbing.

One slip on this things, as well as it could shred light-weight hiking shorts. So when I decided to use up rock climbing, I needed a brand-new set of shorts fit for the task.

I was searching for shorts that had these 3 qualities:

Difficult, long lasting material
Permit a wide variety of activity

One day I was reading Amazon, totally studying, and also I discovered the Gramicci Original G Climbing Pant.

So I finished up with the Gramicci G shorts, and also I’ve invested the previous year wearing them. This is what I thought …
Convenience and also Fit

Trousers like these, that don’t stretch, have to be a little baggy if they’re going to allow any type of flexibility. They are just spacious adequate to allow great flexibility of activity without being droopy to the point the excess product obtains in the way.

The product is thick and soft; it’s a great deal like using a pair of old khakis that have actually damaged in flawlessly. The shorts are fairly plain and have no zipper, so there are no uncomfortable spots. Simply a couple front pockets and back pockets, and the flexible nylon midsection belt.

These shorts won me over.

I obtained the size medium, and also while my waist might possibly fit a dimension small, I do not understand if the small would certainly be as well constricting. The extra area of the tool may be why I can move so well.

Purely going on just how they feel, I enjoy these!


The product is not just thick and soft, it’s thick as well as hard! I anticipated them to stand up well, and also they did.

They are terrific for any kind of climbing up, also in a smokeshaft or doing some knee bars (where you jam your knee and/or upper leg versus the wall for grasp.) I used them at Bilger’s Rocks, McConnell’s Mill, Ohiopyle, and also The New River Gorge, simply to name a couple of spots.

There were lots of days I cut up my hands, and also practically rolled my ankles, however my legs stayed unharmed! Incredible security from these shorts.

They obtained dirty a whole lot, and bloody, however there was no long-term damages. The dust and blood also washed out. They’re still thick as well as challenging, like brand name brand-new.

I do not think these even reveal wear after virtually a year, and I wore them A LOT! They should stand up for many years of usage.

They are not the most gorgeous garment, but hey, they’re for climbing, so they’re great. They’re a solid shade and also they appear like shorts.

The shade, Antelope, is hard to explain. It’s a mix of brownish as well as green, as well as it’s close adequate to khaki that it looks great enough with many shade shirts. It’s virtually camouflage versus the mossy rocks around here. I like it, however if I was paying the $48 retail, I ‘d most likely obtain the brownish or khaki rather.

The only downside is they look a little baggy on me. I uncommitted because I’m extra concerned with liberty of motion.


When it pertains to climbing up, I forget these shorts … since I understand they work!

They have not interfered with my movement at all. My leg adaptability is not hindered whatsoever.

Just how do they do it? The gusseted crotch. It’s outstanding. I can basically do a split and the shorts do not mind one bit!

The leg tapers just enough to not obstruct of my feet. I never require to roll them up.

I’ve probably treked a minimum of 20-30 miles in these shorts. They did not restrict my activity when treking, didn’t overheat in spite of summer temperatures of 80-90 degrees, and maintained my legs safe from jaggers and ticks.

These are useful, however not suitable, hiking shorts. Because while I really did not obtain overheated in these shorts, I wouldn’t claim they maintained me great.
My final decision is …

I definitely enjoy these shorts. I might use them on a daily basis. They’re a terrific mix of comfort as well as longevity, so they’re perfect for climbing, as well as the design isn’t also shoddy, so they can be a do-it-all pant. Seriously they might be my house office shorts, climbing up shorts, as well as hiking shorts. They’re a lot more comfortable than many denims, yet look sort of dressy, like khakis (as long as you conceal the flexible waist.).