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Hot Tub Buying Guide – Everything You Need To Know

There are plenty of factors to consider when looking for the perfect hot tub to fit your entire family members, from the basic attributes like seating capacity available to more specific details like how many jets and filtering system that is used.

The purchase of a hot tub can be a daunting undertaking that’s why the team has compiled decades of experience and knowledge into this buying guide. This will make it easier to search through the various hot tub models and brands available.

Take a look at our step-by procedure guide that guides you through the process of selecting the perfect hot tub to meet your needs.

It is crucial to conduct your own research first

We have found that the phase of research is most crucial to make sure that the decision you make is not just the right option for you and your finances, but also for your family as well as the future.

The purchase of a hot tub is an investment of a lifetime It’s crucial to have all the facts and crucial facts before making the leap.
Do you think it is worth purchasing an outdoor hot tub?

If you’re planning to use a hot tub frequently purchasing the right hot tub is worthwhile!

There are many benefits of owning a hot spa with its benefits for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the process of combining air and water, which is pushed through well-designed hot tub jets, to provide an easy and targeted massage to the essential areas that our body needs.

It’s well-known that water relaxes joints and hydrotherapy products are famous for relaxing and unwinding after a tiring day.

The jets that are non-moving and targeted provide a variety of water movements, such as spinning, pulsing, and swirling water flow. This provides the most relaxing massage.

Are a hot tub and jacuzzi is it the identical thing?

Jacuzzi(r) is the name that created the hot tub around 60 years ago. They remain innovating to this day. At Outdoor Living, we are proud distributors of Jacuzzi(r) hot tubs. you can explore all the Jacuzzi(r) collections here.

The hot tub also known as a spa is a large pool of water used for hydrotherapy or as the place to unwind and relax.

What hot tub would be best for me?

During your research , look for manufacturers of high-quality hot tubs and browse their websites for more information. If they have a great reputation for quality, it will be easy to verify it.

Good hot tub dealers and manufacturers will give you specific product information as well as technical details about the quality of the product including where to buy, as well as their information on service. Be sure to look for companies that provide a full warranty on hot tubs.

What is the price of a quality hot tub set you back?

There are numerous factors that impact the price of the cost of a hot tub. We have learned from experience to inform you that the most inexpensive hot tubs might not be the most efficient value , as they could cost more to maintain or require a stricter cleaning routine.

We suggest doing every bit of research that you are able to in discovering hot tub features that you’ll never be without, and the next step is to find a hot spa that meets as many criteria as you can.

Think about the operating costs of your hot spa

Hot tubs vary in their operating costs based on the dimensions the insulation, capacity, size and heater.

A authentic Jacuzzi(r) name hot tub is priced at £7/£10 per week for use (more in winter, and less in summer) and our other hot tubs can cost as high as £20.

The cost of the hot tub varies according to your usage in the tub as well as the location it is within.

What should I be looking for when purchasing a hot tub?

The most effective hot tubs offer endless hours of pleasure and enjoyment and enjoyment, but do not cost the earth to run.

Below are the top considerations to be thinking about prior to purchasing your 4 person hot tub.

The high-end of the hot tub construction

In general, if the hot tub is equipped with substantial insulation, the more effective it will hold the heat. Make sure you select an outdoor hot tub that has several layers of various types of insulation. This will ensure the highest heat retention.

Other indicators are the solid abs (acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene) base because it’s strong and rigid, as well as heat-resistant. This kind of base does not just keep the heat in the base of the hot tub but also stops garden creatures and pests that are common in outdoor areas from getting inside.

Hot tub jets

Take note of the jets you’d like to have and discover if they can be adjusted. They also have the possibility of turning them off and on to tailor the massage you receive.

Hot tub pumps

There’s a misconception that the more jets and pumps that a hot tub is equipped with the more powerful it’ll be. While the idea is true, there’s an insufficient amount of power that is available in the tub because of the electrical connection from the home to the hot tub.

All of our hot tubs have been carefully chosen to offer the highest efficiency, without compromising on hydrotherapeutic or power-generating benefits.

Take a look at the quality of the pump and specifications of the hot tub instead of the quantity of jets.

Hot tub filtration system

When you are choosing a hot tub it is important to consider how it is able to filter the water. In general, hot tubs utilize pleated filters that trap any dirt or grease. The majority of Jacuzzi(r) spas are equipped with either one or two pumps to support Hydrotherapy Massage (the jets) and an additional circulation pump that circulates all hot tub water through an filtering system. The system is comprised of a variety different pleated and skimmers and filters to catch any particles that can be able to enter your hot tub during usage.

Every hot tub filter system come with both positive and negative aspects. The most popular filtering systems include:

basic hot tubs employ filters that capture the majority of contaminants from the water, but chemicals are also required to clean the water. the most popular chemicals being Chlorine, Bromine tablets or Granules.

Hot tub entertainment systems

If you’d like the hot tub you have installed to be able to play music, be sure to take a look at the system of entertainment that is included with it, as there aren’t all hot tubs alike.

Jacuzzi(r) spas from the J200(tm) series are equipped with Bluetooth system for music. They are part of the J300(tm) range and higher all include Bluetooth music in the standard version. A lot of our Outdoor hot tubs we offer also include Bluetooth music.

Hot tub lighting

Lighting inside the hot tub as well as around the outside can illuminate your spa in the evening. You can pick from many hot tub lighting to illuminate the spa area, foot well, and even the waterfall feature.

Hot tub water is a feature of hot tubs.

The addition of a water element, like a waterfall in your bathtub can provide an energizing and relaxing environment. Be sure to do your research and find out the purpose of the water feature being used to do. A lot of hot tubs utilize these features to circulate air, and they are designed for aesthetic purposes.

Hot tub warranty

When you purchase our hot tub the experience you have is covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Be aware that different brands of hot tubs come with distinct warranties. Make sure that the purchase you make is covered by a reputable brand that will fulfill your warranty, not only the dealer of your hot tub.

What size of hot tub should I purchase?

Hot tubs can be found in various shapes and sizes. First, you must take into consideration the space available in your backyard – and also the accessibility to it. This could limit the size of the hot tub that you are able to accommodate.

Then, consider how many people are likely to have in your hot tub at the same time. If you plan regular hot tub events, then you may require more seats than the standard family size. While a bigger hot tub might not necessarily be more seats, they’re usually more comfortable, with more space to circulate around within.