Information about Super Bock beer

Super Bock is a Portuguese beer manufacturer, founded in 1927 and also run by the business Unicer Bebidas de Portugal (Unicer). Its headquarters are placed in Leça do Balio, on the outskirts of Porto.

We wish to provide you with all of the info about Super Bock you have to understand more about the story of this brand and the reason it’s just about the most popular in the country of ours.

Brand name Features

Type: Lager
Graduation: 5.2 % alc. Vol.
Price: From 0,56 euro/unit

Brand name Ingredients

Supr Bock presents itself as an excellent brand name and it is thus produced with healthy ingredients such as:

Barley malt

Health info

When you would like to understand the nutritional contribution of the Super Bock l, here’s a listing with the most crucial values:

Energy: fifty six kcal (per 125 cl)
Fats zero g
Carbohydrates five g
Of which sugars < 2g
Protein zero g Salt < 0.00 g


Super Bock was developed in 1927 and in 1967 the very first ads of its have been launched under the slogan “The beer which surpasses the expectations” of yours. Of the 1970s, airers4you set up a distribution system in Lisbon with twelve delivery vans.

In 1992, Super Bock it had become the industry leader in Portugal, keeping the inclination of beer consumers until today. In 1995, it Super Bock was the original Portuguese brand name to utilize item names in a music festival. Consequently, Super Bock Super Rock evolved into the biggest rock festival held in Portugal as well as the only person to celebrate twenty consecutive seasons. In 1998 and 2001, it Super Bock sponsored 2 of the greatest Portuguese cultural events in history: Expo’98 and Porto 2001 (European Capital of Culture).
Types of Branded Beers

To the emblem Super Bock, we discover various ranges of beers that Super Bock are tailored to a broader public.

Great Bock

Magnetic and authentic, it Super Bock is definitely present in the daily life of yours. Its close and positive power helps it be the beer par excellence for the social moments of yours.
Black Alcohol Free

Full of flavour and filled with body, the Black Alcohol Super Bock Free guarantees the enjoyment of the greatest dark beers, with no limitations. It’s a long-lasting and generous foam, keeping the character of an authentic black colored beer.

Mysterious and voluptuous, Super Bock Stout may be the unique black beer with a long-lasting and creamy foam which surprises with the distinguished taste of its and strong personality.

Red-colored beer with unique malt aroma. La Super Bock Abadia is a beer with an artisan recipe that discloses all of the strategies of a millenary brewing art.

Super Bock Green is surprising and different, a light and refreshing lemon beer that provides the green light to fun.
No Original Alcohol

Guaranteeing entertaining at any moment, the Alcohol Super Bock Free is produced from an exclusive and unique procedure which ensures you a geniun beer, with a real taste, total body and intensive flavor.