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Scalp Micropigmentation – The Pros and Cons

If you’re experiencing lost hair, and you’ve tried various vitamins, treatments, supplements and shampoos, you may be exhausted of possibilities. Hair transplants are costly, long and complicated process, you may feel like the desire to have hair growth back is out of reach.

But, you can have real-looking hair once more thanks to the scalp micropigmentation (SMP). What are the advantages of this method of regenerating hair? What are the downsides of SMP? We dive a little deeper to find out. Learn more about it here.

The Benefits

1. Scalp Micropigmentation Looks real

Micropigmentation of the scalp is a procedure in which a small quantity of pigment in black is injected to the scalp that has been shaved using an needle. It is then sprayed across your entire scalp to change the appearance of hair loss with a well-groomed , realistic appearance. Because SMP gives you the appearance of a sharp , slicked-back buzz cut, you’ll always appear at ease and it’s completely authentic. This is an enormous relief considering that numerous hair-related treatments can cause inconsistent or unsatisfying results.

2. SMP lasts for a long time, without needing to replenishment

SMP can be completed in a series of sessions to obtain the best outcomes, however once you’ve finished the sessions, you do not require another refill for anywhere from 4 to 6 years. The ink naturally fades over time, and you may have to schedule another appointment, but the interval between sessions gives you real freedomand the best value for money.

3. SMP Works for practically every hairstyle

If you think SMP might be limiting but it’s not! It works with nearly all hairstyles to provide you with the appearance you desire. No matter if you have the short or longer hair gray hair male pattern baldness, or Alopecia, SMP works extremely well with every style.

4. Scalp Micropigmentation Is Safe

There isn’t any danger or risk in SMP. It is safe and safe to use, and you should not experience any adverse effects as a result of the procedure, nor will it be uncomfortable or painful to carry out.

5. SMP is more cost-effective than transplants

Hair transplants are a preferred option for those wanting to have full hair to be back. However as we have mentioned earlier they are very expensive for most. With SMP your financial expenditure is lower and you’ll have plenty of time to pay for it. It’s a win for your pocket as well as your hair!

6. Scalp Micropigmentation is easy to maintain.

There is no maintenance required with regards to micropigmentation of the scalp. There is no need to spend money on costly products as well as dyeing your hair to keep a consistent appearance. You will have cut off any part in your hair which naturally grow if it is affecting the overall appearance you’d like to keep. However, it’s a minor price to pay in comparison to other treatments that are available.

The Advantages

1. There are some awful SMP artists around.

It is essential to be cautious when choosing the artist to do the micropigmentation of your scalp. Even even if you’ve got a favorite tattoo artist, they’ll likely not have the training for this precise and exact work. Be sure to take your time in finding the perfect SMP artist for your needs, and request to view their work. They typically operate in a more controlled environment and possess a the experience of outstanding SMP work. If you do not take this step it could be a risk for an unprofessional artist to change the look of your hair over a lengthy time to be.

2. If you don’t need SMP, getting rid of it can be difficult.

SMP is in essence an image that we are all aware of how difficult tattoos can be to get rid of. For SMP it’s the same and painful. If you’re not sure whether SMP is the right choice for you, you should be patient until you’re sure that it is, as removing it could be a major headache.

3. It’s much more difficult to change the look of your outfit

Also, while it’s good that scalp micropigmentation has been designed to last, it could make changing your style a struggle. If you’re an individual who likes to change your hairstyle, SMP can be extremely restrictive because it is semi-permanent and therefore, keep that in mind prior to attempting it.

4. It is necessary to shave

Because SMP doesn’t actually create hairs that are not new however it produces a realistic buzzed appearance your hair which grows will require shaving. We’ve talked about this previously however, it is worth noting that hair with SMP hair won’t be totally free of maintenance.

That’s it! As you can see, there are a few negatives to using scalp micropigmentation. However, the benefits outweigh them quite some. However, it is essential to be aware of your options and consult an expert before making any serious decisions about SMP as the ideal option for you.

When done properly, and performed by an expert, scalp micropigmentation at VisionaryScalps may be the answer to hair loss and provide you with the confidence you require!