Uniforms of the Future

During the last year 4 Stripes has actually been researching and also developing a consistent line that will certainly be a change for airline company market. 4 Stripes job, Uniforms of the Future, get together a selection of advanced materials as well as completing’s with a style that meets all the airline companies demands while ensuring the absolute convenience and safety and security of the individual.

By working carefully with the world’s best professionals in fibers, threads and also materials 4 Stripes has currently an incredible textile collection with an exceptional high quality. We are now prepared to use our airline customers fabrics with a high portion of all-natural fibers allowing breathability, great dampness absorption, resilience, high shade and laundry resistance.

When it comes to airline attires, our value proposal originated from a change of the way uniforms are picked. Nowadays, cost is the first attribute to take into consideration followed by the Fashion Designer that is chosen from a marketing perspective without thinking about the functionality. Pilot shirts with epaulets need to be created to enable the users to act in an emergency circumstance and to be comfy during all flight, enabling them to offer the most effective solution to passengers. Therefore, attires should be created with suitable as well as resilient fabrics to provide convenience in every seasons, climates and in various work conditions.

We at 4 Stripes delight in to have experts that have a basic understanding of human convenience and also expertise of exactly how to design textiles as well as garments to make the most of comfort for airline company staffs. Our attires not only look more expert, however they also use better, fit better, clean much better as well as are a lot more comfy. Our layouts are established to carry out the anticipated function. Wanting the aeronautics professional all pieces are created to react to the needs as well as wishes of the people who will certainly be utilizing it, and also how they’ll be utilizing it. Our elastic materials are adaptable, comfortable, drapes nicely as well as is wrinkle totally free.

Airlines should realize that crew comfort and also security are straight related to pax experience throughout flight. Pleased team supplies a better service as well as nothing is more vital to maintain the team delighted and also comfy than uniforms and also shoes.