Which Hair Extensions Are Right For Me?

Pre-Bonded Polymer Hair

A traditional method which gives the most organic looking results.

All hair types except those with damaged and also over processed hair. Really discreet and comfy when applied properly. Minimal maintenance. Greater styling options – also can have on the hair of yours up.

Utilizing the identical density from the client’s personal hair as per individual locks, the polymer bond is carefully fused onto the client’s own hair to make a strong bond which keeps the extensions in place.

Offering that the aftercare guide is implemented, the extensions are able to keep going as much as four weeks with very little to no hair salon maintenance requirement. Hair extensions need to be professionally eliminated by a professional stylist to stay away from any harm at removal.

Hair strands of hair tipped with polymer bonds (also called keratin or micro bond hair extensions) which are placed on a customer’s very own hair utilizing a cold or hot fusion program tool.

Use sulphate free shampoos along with conditioners. Lightly brush with a soft bristle brush every day. Keep heating instruments from the bonds. Tie the hair of yours in a loose ponytail or even plait before sleeping.
Micro Rings

Absolutely no heating. Uses tiny beads to connect the extensions to the client’s hair.

Many hair types beyond those with extremely slick hair due to the possibility of the rings slipping. Great for thicker hair and all those that are over a budget because the hair could be re used.

The extensions have a point that is shaped as a shoe lace tip and is threaded in to a micro ring. The band will be clamped close with a closing tool. The band is just unclamped during removal.

Around 3 4 weeks although they are going to require being moved closer to the head at two weeks if not the rings might be apparent. Hair could be re used based on how well the hair extensions are looked after.

Small beads (also referred to as links or maybe loops) which are connected strand-by-strand to a customer’s own hair. Beads are available in micro or maybe nano sizes for finer hair and coated with silicone for much more comfort.

Stay away from use of oils or maybe slick products close to the scalp to stay away from slippage. Brush each day at the head. Shampoo, condition and also blow dry out as regular but stay away from the rings when using curling tongs or hair straighteners.
Taped Hair

Easy and quick application. Hair could be re used.

Adding a bit of thickness. Length or even colour contrasts. Excellent for those with limited time and are usually on a budget. Great introduction to your hair extensions.

The wefts are taped to the hair of yours by sandwiching small areas of your own hair between two pieces of weft and after that lightly clamped with a closing tool.

6-8 weeks based on how frequently you shampoo the hair of yours and just how healthy you take care of the extensions. Hair may then be re used with fresh tapes being used at the salon.

Adhesive wefts (also known as skin wefts) that keep a thin strip of hair strands with clear tape on one side.

Stay away from using oily hair styling products at the connection. Use oil free shampoos. Lightly brush every day with a soft bristle brush. Keep heating instruments away from the adhesive location of the wefts.

Customised hair mesh and integration process.

Those with fine or even hair thinning on top and not able to have various other hair extension methods.

Used with the micro rings clamping way to safely secure the mesh onto the client’s head. No chemicals used.

The customised hair mesh should keep going as much as one year if looked after properly. The customer is going to need to go back to the salon every 4-6 many days to have the hair re adjusted.

A customised hair mesh created from a silk and also lace base.

As shampoo, style and condition the hair of yours as normal but be cautious around the top portion of the mind of yours where micro beads are positioned. Generally go back to the salon for the upkeep checks of yours.

Fast, simple and get it done yourself.

Occasional use like weddings and also parties. Great for including instant length, splashes and thickness of colour. Low-maintenance.

Simply clipped on to client’s personal hair from underneath after which combined with very own hair: For the greatest outcomes, the clip ins must at first be equipped by a hair dresser and customised (trimmed/coloured).

Based on the caliber of the clip ins and just how frequently they’re used and washed, these need to keep going for a minimum of 1 2 years.

A weft of hair attached with secure clips. Offered as one complete head piece or perhaps as specific strips of hair pieces.

Gently condition and wash periodically with sulphate free products. Always brush before and also after using before placing them out. Could be curled or even straightened but stay away from regular use of heating equipment.