Coronavirus latest news: Face masks mandatory in cinemas, museums and places of worship from next week, PM announces

‘We will end up in full lockdown again’: Bradford residents react to new restrictions

Michael Leach, 29, who was out shopping for clothes for his toddler daughter, said: “I think the way it’s going we will end up in full lockdown again and that’s going to ruin everyone’s plans again.”

The distribution worker added: “It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better, I have a funny feeling it’s going to come back with force.”

Michael Bennett, 79, said: “It is frightening for everyone, isn’t it, for young and old. What can you do? You go by what they (the authorities) say.”

Lorraine Woodhead, who has the breathing condition COPD, said her reaction to the news was “Oh, another lockdown”.

The 63-year-old grandmother from Manningham said: “You get up and it’s all back again. It’s all from people not wearing face masks or sticking to the rules,” adding that she only ventured out of the house if she had to.

Samantha Grainger, 31, from Holme Wood, said face coverings should have been brought in much earlier, and she understood why the new restrictions were imposed.

The full-time mother said: “It’s better to be 6ft apart than 6ft under.

“If people had listened right at the beginning, if Boris Johnson had brought face masks in right at the beginning rather than six weeks after the fact, maybe we wouldn’t be at this stage.”