‘Roll-up’ smartphones to launch this year: CES 2021 – latest updates

Analysts not wowed by CES reveals

The response so far to CES has been pretty muted. Live events such as CES have over the past few years been gradually replaced by bigger, better corporate events from individual firms. It seems like most big technology firms are holding back their best products and ideas and just showing off long-term concepts, or just recycling what was on show last year.

Richard Windsor, an independent analyst at Radio Free Mobile, writes:

The most exaggerated term used yesterday was “excited” because hardly anyone made any real announcements and those that did were clearly not excited to be speaking to an empty room nor did they announce anything particularly special. In many ways, it was as if these companies had turned up to the digital venue for no other reason to ensure that they would still be on the slate for 2022.

Meanwhile, Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight, had this to say about the robots on show from the likes of Samsung and LG yesterday: “Mass-market robot adoption it is going to take much longer than some of the glitzy showcases at CES suggest and we are long way from the science fiction representation of future robots.”