Travel latest news: Holiday ‘carnage’ as ‘rule of six’ forces cancellations

Scrap ‘rule of six’ or risk tipping British public over the edge, say scientists 

The “rule of six” is “catastrophic” and may be the policy that tips the British public over the edge, Oxford scientists warned as they said there is no evidence to support it, Laura Donnelly reports.

Professor Carl Heneghan accused Boris Johnson of acting too hastily in drawing up draconian measures that could well have major social consequences. 

The leading scientist and director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, said: “The rule of six policy should be binned.

“When Boris Johnson returned to work in April after his brush with coronavirus, he warned that lockdown restrictions must remain to prevent a second wave. 

“Ever since, beset by anxieties, doubts and fear, and surrounded by a platoon of advisors, the PM has made one cautious, catastrophic error after another. 

“Last week’s roll of the dice with the ‘rule of six’’ could well be the policy that tips the British public over the edge, for it is a disturbing decision that has no scientific evidence to back it up and may well end up having major social consequences.”

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