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How to Choose a Guitar Pick

An overview to choose materials, shape and also thickness.

There are a couple well-known guitar players that utilize money for their picks. For instance, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) utilizes a Mexican peso and also Brian May (Queen) uses a British coin.

A pick is typically among one of the most important low-cost accessories to choose, usually setting you back a little even more 25 pence. A journey to a music store exposes just the amount of choices there are for custom guitar picks. Actually, it is fairly amazing. So just how do you pick your pick?

There are a great deal of products utilized in making pick, yet one of the most usual are:

Celluloid: Is a plastic which is probably one of the most common material utilized for picks.
Delrin: An additional plastic which has a somewhat a plain surface that makes less complicated to hold.
Nylon: This material can have raised lettering which offers added grip.


You’ll discover numerous forms for picks, however dividing them right into 3 groups helps:

Little: Occasionally known as jazz choices, with small variants. Some players like to use these for rate.
Large: These are simpler to hold onto. Periodically each of the three corners coincide.
Requirement: Technically described as style 351, this is the form you will locate frequently. If you don’t have a preference, you could just want to choose Goldilocks on this, as it often tends to be just right.


Fender uses words to define density such as slim, tool, hefty as well as extra heavy, while other brands may give the precise millimeter dimension.

An analysis of popular players will certainly reveal that there is terrific variety in the kinds of choices made use of. Pick throwing has constantly been a routine rock celebrities partake in as well as if you’re lucky, maybe you will certainly capture one that can be your tool of option. In the meantime, a beginning point would certainly be to try the medium basic sized picks made from celluloid (Fender Medium) and also as you play much more, explore others.