5 Common Misconceptions About Loft Boarding

Don’t see the value of professionally installed loft boarding? Assume that it’s unworthy the moment as well as effort?

Think again. We have actually exposed a checklist of common misconceptions concerning loft space boarding that may have formerly held you back from reserving an install on your own.

  1. “Requirement loft space boarding does not damage your property”

A typical false impression bordering loft boarding is that standard loft space boarding doesn’t harm your residential property. This is incorrect. Having typical loft space boarding installed can have negative effects on your residence.

Here are a few ways common loft space boarding can damage your home:

Can cause wet– Timber works as a thermal bridge and also thermal connecting is just one of the leading sources of interstitial condensation. As conventional boarding is positioned onto the joists of your roofing system or onto “Increased” hardwood, this will unavoidably squash your insulation to a greater or lesser degree. Consequently the insulation is not able to take a breath as well as it can begin to accumulate wetness bring about damp.

Repair expenses– as soon as moist gets involved in your roof, if gone unnoticed, it spreads right into your residence and also can cost thousands to repair.

Boosts heat loss– the money you invested to enhance the energy performance of your residence will be squandered if you install conventional boarded– squashing loft space insulation stops it from functioning. Some installers will certainly also eliminate setup to make way for boarding.

Invalidate your New Build Residence Service Warranty– Squashing or removing your insulation in a new construct house will certainly invalidate your NHBC service warranty as it will certainly alter the SAP scores on the property. Making use of a hardwood subframe to “elevate” the flooring can also void the guarantee at it’s changing the building fabrics defined.

  1. “You require planning authorization to have actually loft space boarding mounted”

Having loft space boarding installed for storage space does not require preparation permission. Planning permission is just needed for larger tasks or if you’re seeking to transform your loft space for living extension purposes.

  1. “Loft Ladders do not include any benefit to the loft, simply raises the price”

This is not the instance, loft ladders might not have hundreds of benefits nevertheless the benefits they do provide are extremely important. Without a loft space ladder you will certainly need one more means of entering your loft. This can be a great deal of headache to lug a ladder upstairs, set it up and also take it away once you’re completed in the loft space, making the whole procedure take a lot longer.

Not only that but a generic ladder is not safely affixed to the loft entry which can be dangerous and enhance your risk of injury need to you drop. Having a loft ladder set up makes sure that you’re able to securely go into and leave your loft space and also conserve you time moving a ladder to and fro.

  1. “Leave your heating on low all the time will certainly conserve you money”

Perhaps the most-followed misconception on the listing, leaving your heating on reduced all day– instead of transforming it on when you obtain home, or setting up loft boarding— is absolutely not an excellent suggestion.

When you leave the heating on while no-one is house, you’re essentially paying for power that nobody is gaining from using. And also, depending on exactly how good your loft space insulation is, every one of that low warm that is pumping through the uninhabited house will certainly most likely be shed before you return home.

By mounting elevated loft boarding which does not harm your insulation, you can decrease the heat loss through the roofing system of your home as well as save money on power bills as a result of the boosted insulation.

  1. “Including storage room doesn’t enhance the worth of your house”

It most definitely does. The even more storage area your residence has to provide, the much more worth is contributed to you residence. Loft space boarding can enhance the floor room in your home by up to 50% and making use of an equipped loft ladder, will supply a safe and quickly obtainable storage area. This can be a very appealing added selling feature for your house.

Nevertheless, be aware that cheap standard loft space boarding will squash or require the elimination of your insulation which will harm your homes energy effectiveness ranking cheapening your house. So, purchasing high quality boarding is well worth it– you truly do get what you pay for.