A guide to render cleaning

Render offers a clean, modern-day, and attractive surface for your home which will last for more than twenty years if effectively kept. Render is low maintenance, you might require to wash it down from time to time, which is why we have actually produced this helpful guide on how to tidy coloured render and keep it looking fresh for years to come. This guide will also teach you how to remove green algae, which is a typical issue for those with rendered walls.

  1. See out for greenery

Any organic growth on the surface will make your magnificently rendered home start to look grubby. Gently get rid of any ivy, moss or other greenery utilizing a brush, and after that deal with the entire wall with a render cleaner.

Even if there’s no sign of growth on the structure, it can be a good idea to provide it an occasional wash, which will kill a broad variety of bacterial, fungal and algal species including green algae. This will not only keep the render looking fresh, however will slow down algae accumulation prior to it becomes noticeable.

  1. Wash it down

If you’re seeking to get rid of discolorations from your render, or if it’s simply looking a bit grubby, give the developing a great wash utilizing a pressure washer and a mild detergent. Make sure to change the pressure washer to a fan action instead of a jet action as this might harm the render. There’s no specific rule as to how often you need to be washing your render– when a year or as often as needed to keep it looking great.

  1. Secure it

If it’s a soft render you’re caring for, you can add an additional layer of defence with a hydrophobic coating such as a water-repellent finishing for safeguarding exterior renders from water, oil and graffiti, minimizing future maintenance whilst allowing the render to breathe.

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