All You Need to Know About Walk-in Showers

Transforming an old bathtub to a walk-in shower– be it a prefab device or customized task– is high on many a home owner’s makeover shopping list. A walk-in shower can create the illusion of even more space as well as offer the bathroom a clean-lined look. As well as for individuals that favor a fast shower to lengthy soak, this conversion makes certain to suit your active lifestyle. Yet prior to you remove that old bathtub, checked out up on the style, installation, as well as costs of such a project. These logistical factors to consider and also design ideas for walk-in showers will certainly establish you up for success.

Redesigning your bathroom with a walk-in shower?

What Are the Advantages of Walk-in Showers?

Unlike common stalls, walk-in showers don’t require a curtain or door to block the spray of water, leading to a roomy, open look. While prefab systems have superficial aesthetics to maintain excess water from running onto the shower room floor, many custom-made walk-ins are created without visuals, just a gently sloping flooring– which means better availability, a big benefit for those with joint injuries or wheelchair concerns.

An additional property is multi-nozzle spray, a standard function in lots of walk-in showers. Depending on your individual preference, you can have as numerous as 10 spray nozzles guiding water to all sides of your body.
What Are the Drawbacks?

Keep in mind home resale value prior to transforming all of your tubs to walk-in showers. A restroom with a shower however no bathtub is regarded a “three-quarter bath.”

Various other principles to bear in mind prior to conversion:

Bathing kids is normally less complicated in a tub than in a shower.
An open shower offers much less personal privacy than a basic shower delay with a door.
The absence of a shower door can create a drafty feel during showering.

Just How Much Freedom Do I Have with Design?

While the dimension of your walk-in shower will certainly be established by the quantity of the restroom’s available flooring space, property owners have great deals of ornamental flexibility in customized design. You can:

Select the color and also kind of floor tile for the floor and also walls.
Decide to set up glass panels or perhaps glass obstructs on several sides.
Select the shape. Geometrics, such as squares, rectangles, and hexagonal lines, are prominent, but you can choose essentially any type of wall form– even a curved wall– if you have adequate floor room. Basic building code recommends a minimum of 30 inches of walking area between washroom fixtures, so leave sufficient room to walk between the brand-new shower and also the vanity or commode.

What Can I Expect During Installation?

Below’s a basic suggestion of what a walk-in shower project involves:

Demolition and also disposal of the old bathtub as well as wallboard.
New wall surface framework, if essential, to fit the shower setup.
Mechanical rough-in, which entails setting up brand-new water supply lines for a showerhead and taps, and/or multiple nozzles, in addition to the positioning of the drainpipe. If you’re consisting of an above shower light, an electrician will wire it during this phase.
Setup of moisture-resistant wallboard (frequently concrete fiberboard) over the wall surface studs. (This step isn’t required with a prefab unit.).
Shower frying pan installation. A prefab shower frying pan requires only to be embeded in area and affixed to the framework, yet a customized shower frying pan need to be hand-formed from concrete to attain the right drainpipe slope. Then a water-proof membrane will certainly be set up to stop leak.
Installment of floor tile on customized shower walls. If you’ve picked a prefab system, this is the moment to position the wall surface surround.
Installment of components consists of connecting nozzle spray heads, a showerhead, faucet manages, and the drainpipe cover.
If adding glass wall surface panels, they’ll take place last to lower the danger of chips or breaks that are more probable to happen if they’re set up previously.