Fencing Terms Explained

If you will put up a fencing for the very first time, it’s very easy to end up being confused by the technical expressions made use of. Our convenient glossary of the most preferred terms will certainly help you to identification which parts you’ll need to see your task via.

ARRIS BED RAILS are a wooden beam with a triangular cross-section, used in the construction of plume edge or closeboard Fencing Services Leigh. They run horizontally along the back of a fencing panel, making them strong and also long-lasting.

BATTEN A made even wood used to hold something in place. This is made use of to mount a secure fencing panel, giving a stronger framework.

CANT RAIL is an alternative to the arris rail, made use of in the building and construction of closeboard fencing. They don’t offer the exact same stamina as an arris rail, however can be toenailed straight right into the sustaining fencing blog posts along with specific boards.

CAPPING is an ornamental rail which sits on top of a fence panel to avoid water soaking right into it.

CENTRE STUMP is a piece of wood made use of with closeboard and palisade fencing. Mounted under the reduced rail to prevent the fencing sagging as well as boost lateral stamina.

CHESTNUT A hardwood utilized most commonly for paling and also blog post as well as rail fence.

CLEATS are made use of for fixing crushed rock boards to posts. These are either lumber or metal, relying on the kind of fence being constructed.

CLOSEBOARD FENCING Durable timber secure fencing created from individual boards. There are no spaces in closeboard fence, making it the ideal choice for personal privacy in a back yard.

COUNTER RAILS are utilized behind Closeboard Secure fencing to supply support for the capping.

DIP DEALT WITH wood has been dipped into a treatment container to provide it both basic defense as well as colour.

FEATHER EDGE Additionally listed as ‘Featheredge’, these lumber boards are made use of in the construction of closeboard fence. Offered either individually or in prefabricated panels of various sizes, for ease of use.

FENCING MESSAGES are an essential part of any type of fencing. Readily available in timber or concrete. Wood messages appropriate for lumber fencings, and may be treated for protection versus wetness in the soil. Concrete articles are available for wood and also chain-link secure fencing.

FINIAL refers to an ornamental enhancement to the article cap. A finial can be taken care of directly on the cap, as well as is utilized to add a little extra style or rate of interest to your completed fencing.

MENDING CLIPS Steel braces used to affix a fence panel to a lumber post.

FSC ® The Forest Stewardship Council ®, is a worldwide, non-government, non-profit organisation dedicated to advertising liable monitoring of the globe’s forests. AVS is FSC licensed (FSC C120422).

GALVANIZED This sort of metal has a protective finish of zinc applied to avoid rusting.

SCALE is the dimension of wire diameter. The finer the wire, the higher the scale.

GRAVEL BOARDS are made use of beneath wood fencings to protect the timber from rot and also damp, as well as to assist with ground level troubles. They additionally offer a fencing a strong and also professionally-built appearance. Readily available in cured wood or concrete for extra protection.

KILN-TRIED WOOD is wood that has been dried out in a kiln to a lower-moisture web content for security and greater treatment penetration.

LAP PANELS are created from slim sheets of wood affixed flat with a small overlap for stamina– hence the name. While not as durable or durable as closeboard, lap panel fence is a cost-efficient selection.

LATTICE is decorative fencing comprised of wooden slats set at 45 degrees to create a mesh pattern. Ideal for screening off locations in the yard and also for climbing plants.

DEVICE ROUND/HALF ROUNDED is timber that’s been machined to be either half-round or full-round. These are an uniform dimension inside out.

MESH FENCING is made up of upright and straight cables. In chainlink fencing, the mesh develops a diamond pattern.

MORTICE is a hole or recess cut into wood and concrete fence articles which is made to hold a rail such as an arris rail.

OVERLAP FENCE This is another name used for Lap Panel secure fencing.

PALISADE is a standard style of fence also known as picket fencing. The tops can be sharp, rounded or flat top.

PEELED & TREATED These posts are either half round or full round and even more rustic as well as incomplete in appearance.

MESSAGE AND ALSO RAIL is a rustic style of fencing made from harsh split timber, generally consisting of 2 or three straight rails. Likewise referred to as Sussex Fencing.

MESSAGE CAP is a wooden or steel addition to provide your fence an ended up look.

BLOG POST MIX is ready-made concrete made use of to deal with as well as establish your fence blog posts right into the ground. A secure fencing essential – this is likewise referred to as ‘postmix’ or ‘postcrete’.

BLOG POST SPIKES are a quick and also simple method to protect fence blog posts into the ground. Metal blog post spikes are screwed right into the ground, as well as the messages slot directly into the top– conserving you from establishing your blog posts in concrete.

PRESSURE-TREATED wood has actually therapy applied under vacuum pressure to develop an obstacle versus rot and insect infestation.

RAIL A straight item of timber to which fence boards are affixed.

TRELLIS is a lighter type of secure fencing with the framework composed of lumber battens in a square pattern. Ideal for climbing plants.

Various other fence terms you’re uncertain about? Speak to AVS for free specialist recommendations– we’re always satisfied to give you the advantage of more than twenty five years’ worth of experience.

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