How to choose the right colour Granite Worktop for your kitchen

Granite is an igneous rock that composes 70-80 per cent of the Earth’s crust. The precise origin and also process of granite development is presently under discussion, with some hypothesizing that it takes countless years to form, and also others simply 1,000 to 100,000 years to create. Yet whatever the instance, there’s no questioning the truth that granite has been made use of by humans for a long time. For example, granite was used to build several of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and the temples in which people venerated. Today granite continues to be made use of, with among one of the most preferred applications being for kitchen worktops.

Currently, you might be questioning why we gave a brief history of granite above. The reason for this is that we want you to know the prevalence of granite with regards to the planet and also us people. We intended to supply you a point of view, to ensure that you aren’t shocked when we inform you that there are thousands of granite colours to pick from. Yes, that’s right; the planet has produced an awful great deal of granite over its life-span.

Granite Colours

The colours readily available range from whites to blacks, as well as from pinks to yellows. Nonetheless, none of the colours are ‘artificial’, in the sense that they are bright. They are 100% natural and organic. If you want an intense yellow or aurora white worktop, you’re going to require to consider quartz worktops, which can be made to your specs, or acquired off-the-shelf.

Picking the Right Colour Granite Worktops

Whenever we speak to customers seeking a high-end kitchen area, we constantly provide the same guidance: Go for a colour granite which will certainly stand the test of time; a colour that will certainly look as fresh as it does now in the years’ ahead. White and also black granites are risk-free alternatives when it come to this. We additionally recommend that you choose a colour granite which matches the rest of your house, and specifically the exterior. So for instance, if you have sandstone walls or similar, go for a light-coloured granite, so that it assimilates.

Playing it safe is not the only alternative you have however. There are reds, yellows, pinks and also oranges out there, must you desire these.