How to Move a Hot Tub

When you acquired that jacuzzi, you never ever considered what might occur if you required to relocate to a various place. It’s huge, heavy, unwieldy, as well as has a lot of little components that you do not intend to break– is it a job for 5 of your greatest good friends, or should you hire movers to do the job? We’ll supply a little insight into what you may take into consideration before you begin calling your friends. After that? If you choose to perform, we’ll provide you detailed directions on exactly how to move a jacuzzi. If you attempt.
DIY vs Specialist Movers

It might be less costly to move the hot tub on your own, however there are some other aspects included that ideally will not, however could, become extra prices and also casualties of a move gone wrong. Relocating a hot tub is effort, indicating you’re at danger for accident as well as an injury for those who you request help. Is it worth a week on the couch with a back injury?

Second, the jacuzzi is additionally at risk for injury. If something should go wrong as well as the whole thing topples, you could run the risk of penetrating the water-tight seal, harming a jet or heating element, or something much more significant. Also even worse? Put the two danger opportunities with each other, and also you have a recipe for disaster. Moving hefty items is no laughing matter.

Specialist moving companies have the specific devices and method to handle the hot tub relocation smoothly and are guaranteed just in case something does fail. Required we say much more?
You’re All About the Do It Yourself

So you have actually chosen to move the monster on your own. Thankfully, we have actually outlined the most effective ways to move a jacuzzi, on your own. You’ll need two furniture dollies, two 2 × 4″ items of wood, and strapping.

Drain the jacuzzi totally, including all tubes and pipes.

Get rid of and load all accessories and also components individually. Points like the heating system, electrical systems, pumps, plumbing, or other motors can generally be removed to prevent being bumped around. Make sure to classify where they go, or take pictures for reassembly.

With the help of some dedicated friends, transform the bathtub on its side as long as its geometry allows. It is best to move a hot tub on its side, rather than try to deal with such a large size thing.

Raise one end of the tub off the ground simply high adequate to slide a 2 × 4″ piece of timber beneath that is long sufficient to cover the size of the tub’s side. Do the same for the other end, so the jacuzzi is hing on two 2 × 4’s and is a couple of inches off the ground to make room for a dolly.

Slide one furnishings dolly in between both pieces of wood on one side, and then the other facing the initial dolly. The two dollies will now sustain the weight of the tub, and also the wood can be gotten rid of.

Firmly strap the bathtub to the dollies to avoid it from gliding one instructions or the other. This will certainly make transportation a lot easier!

Gradually as well as carefully roll your hot tub to its brand-new location. Tip: chart your training course ahead of time as well as eliminate any kind of obstacles that could hinder progression!

If all this appears too complex and also difficult, employ a group of full-service movers who will arrive with their jacuzzi dolly as well as have it transferred in a snap.