Repair or replace your sash windows?

You’re not pleased with your existing sash doors and windows. So what do you do?
Repair service or replace?

Common Issues

Double Glazing

It is relatively open secret that double glazing can retain heat and block sound more effectively than solitary glazing. This will certainly keep you warmer in the winter season (however additionally cooler in the summer season, thanks to our Low E glass), save you cash on power costs, have less effect on the setting, as well as make your home much quieter. If you currently have single glazing, and do not stay in a Detailed Building, we highly recommend that you select the substitute route. We feel that the practical advantages of dual glazing mean that you need to never intentionally stay with solitary glazing, unless the choice runs out your control (such as in a Detailed Structure).

We are also mindful that most of you will certainly stay in Sanctuary, and may be worried that double glazing would not be a viable option for you, either. However, this assumption is not real. Much of the hostility in the direction of dual glazing from Preservation Administration is due to the non-traditional design as well as account of common dual glazing, as well as not a result of the act of replacement in itself. Supplying you make every effort to replicate the existing design and also profile, Conservation Officers can actually be very approving of dual glazed substitutes.
Existing Product

So let’s state that you do not reside in a Listed Building, or a Conservation Area, and you even already have dual glazing; why could you perhaps require a replacement? We usually have clients phone that have flawlessly functional double glazing, yet they are still looking for a replacement solution. The reason can be clarified in only 4 letters: uPVC. We have previously launched an entire blog post on the negatives of uPVC, but to summarise; uPVC is toxic, impossible to fix, and is not maintenance-free. Some consumers likewise intend to recover their residential properties to their traditional look, despite having no legal need to do so. It is for these consumers that we advise our Sash Window Repairs Ipswich service.

Existing Design

Pretty self-explanatory; you want to exchange from sash to sash, or from sash to turn and turn. Similar to changing your Ford Feast in for a BMW M3; they’re both basically the exact same point (automobiles), yet you have made this replacement out of individual choice more-so than practical requirement. In this situation, fixing isn’t an option as there isn’t an issue to fix.

Due to the style of a conventional sash, there are practical spaces around the edge of the sashes which enable them to move openly (and therefore open). However, these gaps can enable drafts in, despite the dual glazing being flawlessly useful and also appropriate.

Minor Imperfections

We understand that nothing lasts forever, as well as for that reason it is completely feasible that your windows and doors may merely need a bit of love and affection for many years. Maybe your most current DIY effort to re-paint your sashes has led to them sticking? Maybe the lead weights in your sash box have ended up being twisted? In these situations, we would typically suggest our fixing solutions. Whilst we do not have a thorough list of the minor blemishes that we can handle, there are several concerns that can be effectively fixed through the works included in our Draft Proofing solution. (As an instance, we have to get rid of and re-fit the sashes when draught-proofing, as well as in doing so, we would solve any kind of sticking or entanglement problems). If, for any reason, our fixing solutions are incapable to repair your certain concern, we can always supply a full substitute solution instead.