Guide to Walk In Showers and Wet Rooms

Walk in showers and also wet rooms have become an incredibly popular option for those restoring the bathroom, which doesn’t really come as a large surprise as most individuals choose to shower as opposed to shower. We lead more busy lifestyles than in the past, and also a stroll in shower or damp area supplies a fashionable and practical showering remedy for any age teams, varying from young professionals to the senior, in addition to for those with restricted wheelchair.

So, if you’re intending a new washroom as well as asking yourself whether to install a stroll in shower unit or a damp space, our necessary overview discovers all you need to recognize– from just how much you can expect to invest, to the different sorts of walk in showers and also far more, which will ideally assist you make the appropriate decision.


The difference between a damp area and a walk in shower is that in a true damp room, the area is totally open strategy (although a wet room shower screen can be utilized), and also the water streams away via a drain in the floor, whereas a stroll in shower commonly features a couple of glass displays and also a reduced degree shower tray. Both alternatives supply simple access and make an actual statement in any kind of shower room or en-suite.

Spending plan, time restrictions and style, all contribute in making a decision whether to have a full wet space fitted in your house, or to select a stroll in shower unit for a modern appearance.

Exactly how to select a walk in shower or wet space

First choose if you would like a walk in shower or a wet room. Our walk-in showers include a tray, while the wet areas are supplied with a drain.
When you have actually made a decision, you will after that need to think of the shape and also position.
There are three major types to select from consisting of recessed, corner as well as drifting.

Recessed– suits a recess and is suitable for replacing a bath. This type includes a single glass display, which can be fitted to allow for left or appropriate entry. The glass display is offered in an option of profile as well as arm surfaces consisting of chrome, white as well as black. The arm can be fitted to the wall surface or ceiling.

Edge– fits into any type of corner of the restroom and also can replace a standard shower room such as a quadrant. This type features two glass screens, which are available in a range of account as well as arm finishes consisting of chrome, white and also black. The arm can be fitted to the wall or ceiling.

Floating– develops an extremely smooth, modern-day look, and also permits entry at either side. This type features a single glass panel as well as floor to ceiling poles in a chrome finish.

Measuring 1950mm in elevation to capture more splashes, our glass shower screens been available in a choice of widths including:


You can take your pick from a wide variety of configurations, or you can merely select a single glass screen. Each screen features 8mm toughened glass with a very easy tidy protective covering.

Walk in shower trays

As well as dimensions as well as designs, there’s a selection of shower trays and also shower drain layouts offered. Our variety of stroll in showers include a choice of low profile shower trays including standard white, walk-in and anthracite. They all been available in a wide variety of sizes.

The anthracite tray features a slate impact finish for an all-natural feeling, while the white tray develops a wise contemporary appearance. The walk in shower tray is split into two sections– one end for bathing, and also the other is used as a room for drying off. All types have a robust and also long lasting building to endure the rigours of day-to-day use.

Shower drains

If you have actually gone with the damp room alternative, then you will certainly obtain a range of shower drains pipes to choose from. These can be found in a range of designs and feature a stainless steel building and construction for fantastic longevity. The drains also have excellent flow rates to make sure the water promptly streams away.


Stroll in showers as well as damp space glass panels do not have a door unlike a conventional shower room. Instead a simple glass panel separates it from the remainder of the washroom. The frameless glass panel can either be fixed to a wall, or for a walk-through style, held in location parallel to a wall by a post affixed to the ceiling, or encountering a wall.

Damp area glass panels can be fitted onto a low degree shower tray, which supplies a simple yet reliable method to create a sleek minimal look, or they can be fitted straight to the flooring. A terrific alternative to wet room glass panels, walk in shower enclosures contain a slim mounted or frameless glass display that’s teamed with a rectangular low profile shower tray.

Readily available in various designs and sizes, walk-in showers provide the bathroom a contemporary, seamless feeling, while supplying a practical showering service. They can be suited a recess so there’s simply a solitary glass panel on show, or with two glass panels, as well as with or without a shower tray.