GRP Grating Systems

High stamina, sturdy and lightweight commercial GRP grating offers maintenance-free reliability in a wide variety of environments.

Concerning GRP Gratings

We stock a thorough variety of excellent quality GRP molded gratings with an option of panel dimensions, surface and resin kinds to fit most applications.

The fibreglass gratings variety is designed to offer a cost effective, reduced upkeep option to stainless or galvanized steel when used in new construct or repair tasks.
High stamina, long lasting and lightweight commercial fibreglass grating products; providing maintenance totally free dependability in all environments.

Glass reinforced polymer (GRP) gratings provide an attractive mix of mechanical & physical residential properties and are a proven, excellent substitute for steel grating, stainless steel grating & aluminium composite grating. They are available in a wide variety of architectural, chemical & dimensional variants making them appropriate for installations in all industrial & industrial environments.
All kinds exhibit crucial product attributes & advantages:

Solid & sturdy– outstanding packing capacity
Non corroding– no issues with rust, upkeep free, low life-cycle prices
Impact resistant– will not split or chip, keeps the look
Fire resistant– choice of material type to fulfill the called for performance for fire resistance.
Chemical resistant– option of choices to fit all atmospheres
Low electric & thermal conductivity– optimal near electrical installations
Anti-slip surface areas– reduction in slip related mishaps
Relative lightweight– decreased transportation prices & tons on existing frameworks
Easy handling, manufacture & assembly– no welding

GRP fibreglass gratings are generated by 2 unique making processes to offer either Moulded or Pultruded versions. Both types of GRP grating are composite items and integrate fibreglass hairs with thermosetting resins to create exceptionally solid panel structures. These 2 free materials offer reinforced plastic gratings superb compressive and also tensile strength.
Common installment scenarios for GRP gratings include:

Accessibility platform sidewalks
GRP Decking Panels
Pedestrian bridges, actions & walkway panels
Employee access to equipment
Marina gangways
Replacements for steel chequer plate or grid steps
Substitutes for wooden steps
Marine vessel applications
Water treatment works
Offshore wind & oil centers