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Top 5 Pros and Cons of Refurbished Laptops

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate (remember the time it was like the new iPhone was released twice per calendar year?). With the technology sector growing every day it’s difficult to keep up to date with the most current and advanced gadgets. But there’s not always a necessity to have the most recent and best devices, particularly when the used options are just as effective and affordable.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used laptop:

Pro-Refurbished laptops are eco-friendly.

When laptops are used for resale instead of being discarded the amount of trash produced per laptop reduces dramatically. The entire materials, including the lithium-ion batteries as well as the plastic composite, aluminum, or outer casings, and the glass screens, can be recycled and reused instead of being thrown away at the dump. If you purchase a used laptop, you’re just helping to reuse the existing materials present, but also don’t further contribute by purchasing a brand new laptop that is made from new materials.

CON-Refurbished devices may have minor Scratches

There’s a chance that someone else has used the laptop prior to you, and if you’re purchasing a laptop that has been refurbished it is likely that you will find a few scratches or scratches that were left by prior owners. If your laptop is being repaired and reconditioned, certain markings are not easy to remove. However, the good news the markings do not affect the performance or speed of the gadget. Another benefit is that although they won’t alter the way the computer performs, defects in design could lead to even more of a discount.

PRO-Refurbished laptops are as quick as new Models

A laptop that has been refurbished doesn’t need to be a sign of “old” or “outdated.” Laptops that are older can be upgraded and refurbished to fulfill a variety of tasks for the majority of users. You can also get an older model that has as large a storage space and RAM as a brand new laptop. In terms of technicality, a used laptop could be faster than a brand new one in the event that you purchase one with nice internals. It’s a great time to get good specifications!

Con-Refurbished devices are more difficult to locate with a warranty

Certain laptop makers may void the warranty of laptops that were repaired by an outside company. But, the majority of warranties be expired at the point that the laptop is ready be repaired. The most reliable sellers offer laptops that are refurbished with their own warranties, such as BackMarket’s one-year, full year guarantee for all laptops. The warranty included with every purchase, particularly with regards to technology, is a crucial aspect to take into account since it assures buyers that they are sure of the purchase.

Pro-Refurbished laptops could save you money

A few people do not like purchasing new cars due to the fact that the value of the vehicle decreases once it’s taken off the lot. When you purchase a used car, that it will be of value to the person purchasing it. This is the same case of a used laptop. The Currys laptops we refurbish work as new however, they are sold at massive discounts, usually close to 50% or more in savings. Since they’re refurbished, they are also able to keep their value, and are further backed up by the warranty included with each laptop.

Cons and pros for any purchase, however when it comes to used laptops, the benefits certainly surpass the negatives!