Why Load Bank Test a UPS?

Load bank screening is just among the vital power hire solutions supplied by OPS, and is used for customers who wish to integrity examination their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and also its battery freedom. Load bank testing can develop part of a Website Acceptance Test (SAT) or Factory Acceptance Examination (FAT) or as part of the commissioning or a preventative maintenance see.

Why Should You Test UPS Load Banks?

Load bank screening puts a repellent lots onto the outcome of the UPS whose technical performance can then be examined and also verified. Mains failures can be substitute, as well as the UPS took into standby, on-line as well as Eco setting and also the maintenance bypasses changed (both inner as well as exterior).

Load bank testing can likewise be utilized to confirm the battery runtime capacity and charge times. Batteries are linked right into battery strings, which might be paralleled with each other to offer a UPS system its overall battery capacity.
Advantages Of Load Bank Testing

If any of the battery strings has a stopping working or weak battery it can take some time on discharge prior to the general DC battery voltage throughout the strings begins to collapse. The only other method to evaluate the battery is to evaluate and also evaluate each battery block using a hand-held battery tester and also after that to analyse the recorded results.

Whilst load bank testing can be utilized as component of the commissioning it can for some battery builds as well as sites be extra interesting to evaluate at the very least 1-2 weeks after the initial commissioning. This permits the battery readied to work out as well as equalise cost across the battery strings and individual battery blocks.