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Here are our top Rome travel tips

Are you planning a trip to Italy and need tips on how to travel to Rome? Check out this article! In this article I provide simple but crucial guidelines for visitors to Rome to the first time. These tips will not only assist you in having a more pleasant journey, but they’ll aid you in making the most out of your trip. Find out!

I started writing this blog post right following a weekend spent in Rome. My head was spinning after all the memories and my legs were aching and despite walking over 46km (29 miles) within just three days certainly gained several weight…

I would like to offer some tips for having a better journey in Rome, the Eternal City and give you some tips for how to make the most enjoyment from your stay in Rome.

From when and where to go and when to go, to the best places to eat, and where to stay, to the right shoes to wear , learn everything you need to know about planning your trip to Rome to ensure you maximize the enjoyment of your time there and really take pleasure in the experience. Check out the guide!

It’s good to know that this blog that contains Rome travel tips has been updated following the most recent visit to Rome. I hope it can assist you in planning a memorable and unforgettable trip to Rome, Eternal City!

Rome is a stunning city! It is among the most stunning cities of Italy and also one of the most stunning cities around the globe! Many times, I refer it to the city museum because it feels as if you’re in the vast museum.

Every street or church structure breathes the history of the past. There’s plenty to do and do during your time in Rome which is a place unlike any other. It’s an area that every person ought to visit at the very least, once in their life.

It’s like everyone else is going to Rome simultaneously that it is… Rome is packed. This is definitely the case for the major tourist sites. Going to the Trevi Fountain during midday is boring. It’s so crowded that it makes other famous destinations appear like an extremely quiet trip…

In spite of the crowds There are plenty of ways to have a great time in Rome. Here are some great strategies that will aid you in making more of your time in Rome and enjoy a more pleasurable time. Learn more!

These are the top Rome travel suggestions:

1. Make reservations in advance

If you’re visiting Rome on your first visit, you may have an idea of what you would like to visit. The Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon and the Colosseum and Rome’s Roman Forum, the Vatican…

It is easy to realize that you’re not alone However. There are massive crowds of people at the most well-known tourist attractions. Sometimes, it’s so crowded that it’s hard to take in its beauty area and take in the beauty.

Additionally, tickets for the most popular spots – such as for instance, Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum as well as The Vatican Museums – usually get already sold out in advance. If you really desire to visit the Colosseum or visit the Sistine Chapel, you HAVE to reserve your tickets in advance.

Here, you can obtain priority tickets to The Colosseum and here tickets to admission to Vatican Museums. When it is peak season (April to October) make sure you make reservations at least two months ahead. When it is winter time, you may find tickets within the same week but don’t rely on it.

Be aware that certain places – including the Vatican is closed during certain religious events or other special occasions. If you make your reservations ahead, you’ll instantly find out which days are off and be able to alter your schedule if necessary. If you don’t, you could risk not being able go to certain locations at all…

Tips Tip: If the tickets you’d like to buy have sold out You can still go to the venue by taking an organized tour. A lot of tour operators offer additional tickets and, sometimes, they book the tickets ahead of time as well. Find more information about the tours and tickets is below.

2. You can purchase’skip lines’ tickets, or take a guided tour

If you’re like the majority of travelers, you’ve only two to three hours in Rome and would like to see everything. Are you willing to spend the majority of your time lining up at the most well-known landmarks and pondering where you should go, and which sights exactly to observe, and totally do not get the authentic experience of traveling?

If not, you must seriously consider purchasing’skip the line ticket or guided tour. In the event that you’re extremely short of time, you could also choose to skip certain important places and just see them from outside. Take your time to get understand the city. Don’t spend it waiting in line!

TIP: Guided tours can be considered ‘touristy’ and will can cost a few dollars, but when you consider the cost of your trip it’s worth spending the extra few dollars and getting the most value from the time you spend in Rome. The fact is, your excursion to Rome isn’t cheap and it’s unwise to be waiting in line or going to an area and then becoming overwhelmed and in deciding where to go or what you should do…

Make sure you are able to avoid the most well-known attractions and get the most enjoyment from your vacation!

Below, we provide suggestions to visit some of the more famous tourist attractions in Rome. Check them out!

Tips to visit Colosseum

Avoid the crowds to the Colosseum by reserving tickets in advance. visit the Colosseum with a guide, or simply visit your visit to the Colosseum on the exterior, and avoid going inside.

Don’t forget to visit Colosseum for the day, but do not be stuck waiting in waiting in line!

The basements of Colosseum’s ruins are definitely worth a look as is the Arena Floor and the rest of the Colosseum however, take your time and study what you’d like to see and how you can best plan it out prior to your visit! Otherwise, you’ll become overwhelmed, not see everything, or will end up paying far more than you need to to be able to enter.

TIP: We recently took an extremely recommended Colosseum tour. After several hours researching, the tour appeared as the most comprehensive tour we could have ever had and we were happy we did it. It’s definitely more expensive than just entrance tickets but it was worth it because it eliminated a lot of stress and visited all the top spots in just three hours. The underground of the Colosseum and the Arena Floor are absolutely worth the cost!

TIP: If you plan to decide to visit the Colosseum on your own, make sure to reserve your tickets in advance! The further in advance you reserve tickets, the greater choices of available timeslots you’ll be able to choose from. Without a guideline you’ll be able to choose among regular prioritization tickets and somewhat more expensive tickets that include a visit to the Arena Floor.

Tips to visit Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel

Take a trip to The Vatican Museums with a guided tour or schedule your visit for a more tranquil time. Are you willing to queue for three hours and walking around at the Vatican Museums in order to take a few minutes in the Sistine Chapel to see the famous ceiling designed by Michelangelo?

I know you’d like to go to the Vatican museums. They are definitely worth the effort! Make sure to arrange your trip so that you have more time in the museums instead of waiting to enter as well as trying to decide where you should go.

Today, you must purchase tickets to The Vatican Museums online. The admission process was simple and smooth. We regret having not booked a guided tour. The area is packed and it’s not evident where exactly to go, and what’s most valuable… The end result is that all routes will lead you towards the Sistine Chapel, so we got there, but we’re left with no idea of what else we left out… Whatever the case it was very challenging and difficult. If I were to go again, I’d consider a guided tour.

TIP: Visiting first early in the day (=as when it is open) or at a very late time after lunch is your most effective option to go to The Vatican Museums. I would also recommend taking Rome tours with a guide. This ensures that you will see the most popular locations. This is the most well-known tour around The Vatican Museums, this is an excellent option for those who want to avoid crowds. And here there is (an an overwhelming) selection of available tours at the Vatican.

PRO TIP: If opt to visit the Vatican Museums on your own make sure you book your tickets in advance. They typically sell out days in advance and even during the peak season.

3. Beat the crowds

One of the issues I hear frequently from those who are visiting Rome is how they can take advantage of the most famous locations if they’re always packed. The positive side is that it’s feasible to go to many of the well-known places in Rome without having to contend with the crowds, if you plan ahead. The best method to accomplish this is to travel during the times that are less popular.

TIP: If you’d like to stay clear of the crowds, go to Rome during the slower season (November between November and March) More information on the best times to visit below, toward the end of this article. However, during the peak season, you can visit the most popular places without too many tourists around.

My top trip suggestions regarding Rome is to go to the most well-known tourist spots early in the early morning. For some locations, visiting in the afternoon could be more beneficial. Here are some ideas and tips to visit certain of Rome’s most famous places to visit in Rome. Have a look!
The best time to go to Trevi Fountain

If you’d like to view the Trevi Fountain without hundreds of other visitors, rise early! The early in the day (no more then 7-7.30 am) is the best time to go to Trevi Fountain. Trevi Fountain without the crowds.

You can also visit the Trevi Fountain at the end of the evening. It’s still crowded and always will be – however, it’s nothing in comparison to the crowds that fill the area during the daytime.

The best timing to see the Vatican

Depending on the location you visit precisely The best option is St. Peter’s or Sistine Chapel Sistine Chapel or St. Peter’s more beneficial to go early or later. However, you should avoid the most crowded hours during the daytime (10 between 10 and 2pm).

We’ve visited the Vatican during high season and also in low season during the day, throughout the day, and during late afternoon… The Vatican is always busy in the daytime, but it can be awe-inspiring (very) very early in the day, or tardy in the evening.

In the daytime, all the roads leading to the Vatican are packed to the point that it’s difficult to take in a good time during a visit. If you go at the beginning of the day, or in the afternoon, you’ll have a completely different experience.

To visit visiting the Vatican Museums, we recommend visiting the museum when they first start or 2 hours before closing time. If you are interested in visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, the best time to go is in the late afternoon.

Even during the peak season, we’ve been to St. Peter’s Basilica at 6 pm and were inside in just 10 minutes (security inspection included)! In low season there’s a lot of still from 3-4 pm. Make sure you check the opening times, particularly when you want for a climb on the Dome.

Important to know: Although you must book tickets or a tour to the Vatican Museums in advance, access to the Basilica isn’t required to make a reservation and is totally free. There is a requirement for an entry ticket at the very top the St Peter’s Dome, but it isn’t possible to book tickets in advance. It is necessary to wait in line and obtain tickets to the Dome upon arrival.

We decided to do an excursion because we wanted to know more and make sure that we had seen all the sights. We took the tour that included the Dome as well as underground. Underground as well. It was great.

Tip: If you go to St. Peter’s on your own, make sure you get the audioguide from the official site in order to be given a thorough explanation and more of an picture of what you’re witnessing in this enormous structure.

When is the best time to go to the Pantheon

If you are able, go to the Pantheon just half an hour prior to the time of closing.

Pantheon is among the most visited tourist attractions in Rome and it is also very packed. There is no entry fee or tickets, however – typically – a lengthy line to enter. This is a shame since you’ll only need an hour to visit it.

We were able to witness the Pantheon completely empty after visiting it before it was closed. You must ensure you don’t arrive too late because they won’t allow people in before closing time. Once inside, you’re welcome to remain until the time comes to close and the crowds leave. Great experience!

TIP: If you’d like to know details about the Pantheon as well as its history as well as its architecture and people who are buried there it, you can purchase an audio tour. In the event that you listen to whole story, it will take about one-half hour.

Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and many other landmarks

Spanish Steps are most likely to be recommended to visit them at the beginning of your day or in the evening. This place is always packed in the time of the day! Sometimes, it’s impossible to be able to see the steps due to the volume of people in the area.

It’s the same with it’s the same for Piazza Navona. It’s gorgeous early in the day and late into the night. However, it’s is crowded in the daytime.

If you are only spending only a few days in Rome be sure to skip the most popular museums (=save plenty hours). Capitoline Museums are especially busy with long lines each visit to Rome.

If you are a fan of the arts, you should consider one of the lesser-crowded spots. For instance the art gallery in Villa Borghese is one of the most beautiful places in Rome (tickets must be reserved beforehand). Alternately, you can visit church buildings instead of visiting museums. Most of the time, you can see some of the most stunning works of art in churches without paying a dime and without crowds.

4. Take a break from the main roads in Rome

If I could offer an tips on how to stay clear of the crowds that throng Rome the best way would be to take a different direction to where most of the people travel! Find a side road take a look around, go into an unassuming passageway, or explore the locked door of an churches…

We toured a few incredible places that were just a few feet from the main roads in which literally thousands of people were walking through, focused on their primary objective, completely unaware of all else.

Here are some suggestions for Rome underground attractions and the most popular Ancient Rome landmarks (many of are not visited by many visitors) Also, for the most stunning views of Rome.

5. Keep close to the Pantheon

If you have the money then try to locate hotels in the historic city central area. My opinion is that the best hotel in Rome is near the Pantheon. The most ideal spot is basically anywhere in between Piazza Navona as well as Trevi Fountain, with the Pantheon located right between them.

Each time we visit Rome we make sure to stay near the Pantheon. It’s central enough that you can stroll to all major attractions and see every single thing without needing to take public transportation.

In Rome, you’ll be able easily explore the majority of central Rome by walking. It’s also easy to explore some of the most well-known spots early in the morning, without crowds. Start early, walk through the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon as well as The Spanish Steps, then go back to your hotel for a restful breakfast. It’s an excellent way to begin each day with Rome!

6. Beware of tourist-friendly restaurants

The majority of an Italian vacation is due to food. Food in Italy is often delicious, but don’t believe that it is everywhere you travel to.

If I had to give an advice regarding food in Rome I would advise to avoid places that are popular with tourists. Go to restaurants where the locals eat, and stay clear of restaurants that have pictures of the menu!

Most often, restaurants located at the most popular tourist destinations (directly in Piazza Navona, in the Pantheon and Campo dei Fiori) don’t serve the most delicious food. And, of course, they’re usually priced too high.

If you’re not sure of where to eat Ask your hotel for suggestions, but bear in mind that certain hotels may recommend restaurants because of other factors than their high-quality. The best method of finding excellent restaurants is to read the reviews of Google Maps It is the best way to stay clear of tourist traps.

A great method to sample the best local cuisine is to join a food tour or cooking class. If you sign up prior to the start of your time in Rome it will be easy to have some good recommendations of restaurants in Rome. Also, make sure you request your tour guide to give you some recommendations from the locals as well!

7. Make sure you have some money

While visiting Rome (or any other city in Italy or anywhere else in Italy) It is important to carry some money with your. Italy is a country that uses Euro and therefore you require Euros, obviously.

Although in the past, credit cards weren’t very well-liked in Rome but things have changed in recent times (probably due to the epidemics). In our last trip to Rome we were able to make use of credit cards almost everywhere in the city . almost all restaurants and shops accept credit cards, and we did not really need cash. With the exception of a few instances which we will discuss below for a list of.

The first thing to note is that taxis are known to be averse to credit cards. If you’re planning to take a taxi ride in Rome it is important to have cash. It’s still difficult to locate taxi drivers who accept credit cards. “Cash only, no credit card” They’ll inform you. We took an airport taxi towards the city but couldn’t pay with a credit card. The private transfer we made by the hotel to the airport was only accepting cash, despite the fact that at the hotel we were told they could accept payment using a cards…

If you’re not planning to pay in cash for airport transfers, it is possible to make reservations online in advance. In most cases, this is the most affordable option, based on the destination you’re traveling to.

Second, street vendors, souvenir shops, and local markets. If you purchase something from street vendors, boutiques for souvenirs or an artisan market, you’ll require cash, too.

The third is tipping. If you’re taking a tour and would like to pay a guide or you’d like to leave a small amount in a restaurant, then you’ll need cash. Keep in mind that tipping isn’t an absolute requirement in Europe However, we’re sure that the majority of Italians expect a tip. We usually tip around 10% when dining out as well as on some (private) excursions.

Apart from that it is possible to pay for almost everything using a card. Even little purchases such as gelato at the most popular gelaterias in Rome can be made with a credit card. Additionally, museums and other attractions accept credit cards.

That being said Don’t take a lot of cash. 50 to 100 EUR (ideally with smaller bills) is plenty. keep the rest in your hotel and replenish whenever you make a purchase.

8. Hire a bicycle to get more value in Rome

The historic city central area of Rome is fairly compact. It is easy to walk to the most popular attractions like Piazza Navona, Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. The Vatican as well as the Colosseum are walking distances from the city’s center.

But, if you’re hoping to get a better understanding of Rome and explore lesser-known secret spots of Rome, you might be interested in renting a bike or participating in one of the many biking tours. On a bicycle, you can travel long distances in a shorter time, and make the most of your time in Rome.

We suggest the second option – cycling in Rome is a lot of fun and best enjoyed if you are familiar with the city and know where to take a trip. Guided tours take you on routes they’ve gone through and tested numerous time before they allow you to fully take in the adventure.

Tip: If you want to explore Rome by bicycle, opt for electric bikes. Rome is hilly with a lot of hills, and the electric bicycle can simplify the process! This is among the top-rated cycling tours of the top attractions in the city’s center. This is an AMAZING off-the-beaten path bike tour we recently took at Rome (and we highly suggest).