How do I get to and from Ciampino Airport?

Bus & Metro

2 brand new bus lines have been laid on in 2017 as well as 2018 which connect the Rome airport – Ciampino – together with the Metro phone. You are able to utilize either of them with a typical?1.50 Rome public transportation ticket, which may be purchased from the Chef Express caf within the terminal building. This implies that in case you are not in a rush, you are able to go the whole way from CIA to the hotel of yours for only?1.50!

The 720 bus actually leaves stand four outside the arrivals hall every 20 minutes. This links with Laureatina, probably the southernmost end of Linea B on the Metro system.
The 520 bus actually leaves stand four and also links with the metro station at Cinecitt. This’s on the A line on the metro.

Both lines work between 5.30 am and 11.30 pm. According to the destination of yours, these bus/metro combos can get you pretty much anywhere you wish to go. For many tourist destinations (Spanish Steps, Vatican), Barberini, the 520/Linea A path is going to be the greatest.
Bus and train

Sadly the train from Ciampino isn’t the smartest choice. The nearest train doesn’t escape from the airport: you have to travel 3 or maybe 4 far to Ciampino city center, in which you are able to link. The train, while fairly quick, is infrequent. It comes into Termini station. Local buses on the station from the terminal leave around each half hour, take fifteen minutes, and cost around?1. A taxi on the station is going to cost around?10. Train tickets are just?1.50.

Like at Fiumicino, Taxis are intended charging a set fee for someplace within the community. This’s a sensible?30 per automobile for as much as 4 passengers like baggage, to destinations within the Aurelian Walls (essentially the town center). However as always, there’s extras like out-of-hours fees, baggage fees, that could boost the price tag? and motorists might frequently attempt to include fake fees’ on, or depend on you not understanding what the official set charge is.

Ciampino is served by a few coach companies. Your low-cost carrier is going to sell you a ticket on the flight for around ?4 5 each way, that will generally help you save about?2 from the cost of a ticket offered at the door on the coach, though it can mean you’ve to hold out for the certain coach company which the airline sold you, and also cannot go on the following we have coach.

You will find much less businesses running at Ciampino than at Fiumicino, and also as a result when a few flights at exactly the same time they can easily be slightly oversubscribed. They take a shorter time to reach the city facility than from Fiumicino? between 30 40 minutes? as well as wind up at Termini Station.