Passport Photo Requirements for Canada

Passport Requirements
Passport photo dimensions: 70mm x 50mm
Passport Number of Photos Required: two
Passport Background Requirements: light-coloured or white background

The photos has to be no more than six months old.
Level of the facial skin must measures between thirty one mm (1- 1/4 inches) and thirty six mm (1- 7/16 inches) from face to crown of head (natural upper part of mind).
Clear, clear and in focus.
Pictures might be in colour or in white and black.
Used with a neutral facial expression (eyes wide open and clearly visible, mouth shut, no smiling).
Taken with uniform lighting and never show shadows, glare or maybe flash reflections.
Used straight on, with experience and shoulders centered and squared towards the digital camera.
Must be an obvious distinction between the face of yours as well as the background.
Canadian passport photos should reflect/represent natural skin tones.
They should be Taken in person by way of a commercial photographer,
The complete physical address of the photographer or maybe studio in which the photo was taken like the device and street number, country, province, city, street, and postal code as well as the day the pictures had been taken Must Reflect the current look of yours.
Should be Professionally printed on plain, good quality photographic paper (photos printed from home and photographs is printed on heavy weight newspaper aren’t acceptable).
in the situation of babies the eyes have to be open

Visa Requirements
The photos should be identical and no earlier than six months.
The pictures should demonstrate the whole home view of the top, using the face area during the photograph, and also add the upper part of the shoulders.
The scale of the head, from face to crown, should be between thirty one mm (one 1/4′) and thirty six mm (one 7/16′).
Crown simply means the upper part of the top or maybe (if obscured by hair or maybe a head covering) in which the top of the head or even skull will be when it might be found.
The face area should be square to the digital camera with a neutral saying, neither frowning nor smiling, with the mouth shut.
Pictures should be printed on quality photographic paper.
They could be either white and black or colour.
The photographs should be very clear, well defined and When the photographs are electronic, they mustn’t be changed in every manner.
You might wear non-tinted prescription glasses so long as your eyes are plainly visible. Ensure that the frame doesn’t cover some part of the eyes of yours. Sunglasses aren’t appropriate.
A hairpiece or any other cosmetic accessory is acceptable in case it doesn’t disguise the regular appearance of yours.
If you have to use a head covering for religious reasons, ensure the total facial features of yours aren’t obscured.

Dimensions: 35mm x 45mm.
Amount of Photos Required: two
Background Requirements: plain white and light coloured background