Passport Renewal Tips

The least expensive method to get a passport and the way to stay away from copycat sites

Whether you are obtaining a passport for at first chance, or simply renewing a well used one, here is the least expensive method to obtain it, how you can obtain 1 quicker (processing times are able to take a lot longer than typical in the moment), and also how you can stay away from sites charging additional.

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Check the passport of yours as a few countries require you to get a minimum of 6 months left

Since September 2018, passports are given with a maximum validity of ten years (five years for kids). Before next, in case you renewed before it expired you are permitted to have the time remaining on the older passport of yours added in your healthy one, a maximum of a maximum of 9 weeks.

Several nations require you to get a minimum of 6 weeks remaining on the passport of yours, so which means you might have no option but to restore early. In case you do not, you will be refused entry – we have noticed a single story of any family’s four-year-old female being refused entry to Turkey since she’d under 2 weeks remaining on the passport of her.

Nations that need a minimum of 6 weeks from the day of yours of entry left on your passport include most EU countries (but only some, eg, Republic of Ireland), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, China, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey and also the United Arab Emirates.
In some instances you will need over six months in case you’ve a passport issued with over 10 years validity

Crucially, several European countries only understand the very first 10 years of a passport’s validity. With the places, in case they additionally need a minimum of 6 months’ validity, they will just allow you to in in case the passport of yours is a top 9 years and 6 months old on the morning you travel. You would usually have validity of over ten years in case you renewed before the earlier validity period of yours ended, in which unused months of the existing passport had been tagged onto the brand new body.
Check entry requirements carefully

For a complete country-by-country list of entry requirements, see It is well worth noting numerous countries additionally require visas so examine before you travel.
Always keep using the burgundy passport of yours until it is due for renewal

The cover of UK passports has returned to blue since making the European Union. You DON’T have to get a brand new passport straightaway though – you will have the ability to keep using the present burgundy passport of yours until it is due for renewal. The brand new blue passports will basically be issued whenever you renew or apply for a brand new passport.

British passport renewal processing is taking more than regular, therefore apply early if travelling this year

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive influence on travel, as well as the Passport Office is warning that renewing requires as many as ten days for both postal and online applications – a lot longer than the typical 3 weeks. Apply today if you are looking to disappear within the next several months.