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Things to Do on a Bachelor Trip to Costa Rica

Jaco, Costa Rica might be the top bachelor-party destination worldwide. A lot of people believe that Jaco Beach’s popularity as a bachelor party destination is based on the reputation of the beautiful ladies. While working women definitely increase the attraction of Jaco Beach to certain groups of bachelors, the majority of people don’t come to Jaco solely for the sake of it. Actually, you can go on a fantastic vacation in Jaco without spending any special time with women.

Costa Rica is known for incredible rainforests and stunning beaches. Jaco is most likely its most famous beach town. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, where the waves are spectacular, Jaco has been known for its surfing for a lot longer than it’s known for its female. Jaco is full of professionals and surf enthusiasts and that the daytime activities are focused on waves as well as in Jaco and the town nearby, Playa Hermosa. Surfers from all over the globe are famous for their passion for extreme sports, and Jaco is not an exception. along with surfing the zip-line and canyoning are two of their favorite activities, but simply sitting back and sipping the cold beer on a porch lined with hammocks and in one of those local rustic bars is just as enjoyable as the best of them.

All of that seems like a perfect spot to spend your vacation But why should you host your bachelor event to be in Jaco, Costa Rica? As the sun sets the town’s sleepy atmosphere changes. The intensity of the sports outside is transferred to bars and clubs; Jaco knows how to party. You won’t have the same selection of bars and nightclubs that you would find in a bigger city, but however you don’t need to worry about making your way through boring places or crowded places.

How to get there


If you are making plans for your excursion to Jaco it is important to ensure that you get there via Juan Santamaria International Airport (airport code: SJO). Then, you’ll need to travel on a private shuttle bus to San Jose to Jaco which will take approximately 1 hour and 30 mins. The driver can be instructed to stop to grab an ice-cold bottle or two of Imperial beers (a local favourite) to make the journey more enjoyable. If you are booking tickets from Jaco by San Jose, make sure you select because they appear to offer the most competitive rates and availability.

Things to Do

Daytime Activities Ideas

There is no way a excursion to Jaco is not complete without a day excursion into Playa Hermosa. If you’re not an experienced surfer, don’t make plans to surf the waves that lie off the shores of this sleepy town. They are massive and can be dangerous for those who aren’t experienced. Instead, go to the Sandbar and grab an ice-cream burger or fish tacos with a beer (the local beer, Imperial, is pretty amazing) and set up camp at the shore to observe pros practice on the waves.

One of the top non-surf-related activities during the daytime that you can do in Jaco is to zipline. If you’ve never tried ziplining before, it may be a bit difficult for newbies. Even if you are scared of heights it’s an activity you should try. Zip-lines are very safe and offer the best opportunity to fly over the forest. When you travel through the forest you will be able to view the beauty of nature and then you will experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush every time you fly above the trees!

Looking for another method to get out into the jungle? Think about ATV riding in the forest or on the beach. Jaguar ATV’s offers ATVs with single and multi-rider options for rental, along with motorbikes. They also offer an array of adventures. It is a stark contrast to the peace of the forest and the powerful roar from the ATV is a thrilling experience!

Ideas for Nightlife Activities

Jaco is renowned for its nightlife scene, but the thing that many visitors who are new to Jaco aren’t aware of is that party doesn’t start until after midnight. The clubs may be open earlier however don’t expect to be surrounded by people until around 11 pm, so have an afternoon nap, relax in your dining room and plan on leaving for the night late into the night.

Crocs Casino Resort Crocs Casino Resort is changing the way accommodations are run in Jaco. The Crocodile theme Las Vegas style hotel and residences is the most recent hotel at the beach. The hotel was inaugurated in March of 2015. the hotel offers guest rooms with 152 rooms and 44 condos, a spa, casino that has over 150 slot machines as well as tables. You can expect to pay around $199 for a ocean-view room. We also anticipate that the nightclub will be moving off from Hotel Cocal to this new high-tech beach resort.

The Hotel CoCal as well as Casino With the decline of one place is the rise of a new one. This casino, hotel nightclub is situated near the beach in Jaco which is accessible to sky above and ocean breezes.

Jaco Blu is an excellent place to go for nighttime partying and day-time partying. You must visit this outdoor bar and lounge on Wednesday nights since that’s their main night. There are discounted drinks as well as an array of visual delights that you can enjoy in a relaxing lounge by the pool. If you’re alive on the weekend, Jaco Blu has a nighttime pool party that is just as fun.

Los Amingos is the perfect place to grab a drink while listening to local musicians playing covers as well as local hits. Food is good, so if you’re hungry you can eat a bite. The bar and restaurant features a variety of TVs within the restaurant that can show any sporting event including pay per view events, such as UFC.

Le Loft is situated right in the middle of the happenings in Jaco and is located just across an avenue from Cocal Hotel casino and Cocal Hotel. This is the closest you can discover to a nightclub within Jaco. The party starts at 12 pm, so it is best to ensure that this is your final stop, not the first. The music is fantastic and you’ll be able to see gorgeous local ladies. It’s located in a red structure that is located on the second level and there’s a modest entrance fee.

Orange Pub is one of the most popular spots and is one of the few bars open on Mondays, in which you will be greeted by locals.

It’s called the Man Cave- this combination lounge/club reminds us of an “gentleman’s club” via the sports bar. It’s relatively brand new, having only opened in the last few years, however it has quickly become one of the top places to begin the night with a party. It’s only open on Thursdays and Saturdays evenings and, on Thursdays, it’s probably the most popular place to party in Jaco.

Republik Nightclub/Lounge- this spot is known as an excellent place for local women to hang out however, it also happens to be among Jaco’s most popular clubs. It boasts the city’s top sound system, and is a mix of Hip Hop and Latin beats. The bar is open from Thursday to Saturday, however, expect it to be a bit slow on Thursdays.

Massage Parlors / Strip Clubs

As prostitution is legally legal In Costa Rica, there isn’t the same demand for strip bars like you can see in other countries. In reality, Jaco does have one strip club called Centerfolds. The ladies there are gorgeous and they offer an atmosphere that is a party that is driven by DJs, bottle packages and limousine service. They are ideal for the perfect Jaco bachelor celebration.
Where To Eat

It’s easy to tell Jaco is a town that is tourist-friendly due to the abundance of restaurants in Jaco. Some of them have bars , and one of the most popular activities in Jaco for locals and tourists is to relax in the bar of a restaurant and sip a few cocktails and watch the people. It’s a fantastic opportunity to relax for a few afternoon hours.

We’ve previously mentioned Los Amigos in our bar section due to it being an sports bar, however they also serve the best American bar food available in Jaco and offer incredible happy hour drink specials. Food to try Any of their Tropi-bowls

Graffiti Restro Cafe + Wine Bar is a ghetto restaurant and is possibly the most upscale dining experience in Jaco. In contrast to other places in town, you’ll need to reserve a table there, and then spend an hour or two. They make use of local ingredients and are famous by their cocktail menu. You must try the following dishes for the coffee and cacao crusted beef tenderloins and tuna tartar tower

Rustico is is commonly referred to as a soda which is simply it’s a Costa Rican restaurant serving up local dishes such as beans, rice and other dishes. Rustico is extremely popular which means you could see lines, however, the buffet style service makes queues are quick. Food items you must try there include Fish fried

We wouldn’t go in Costa Rica and decide to take pizza for dinner, but some people do. Pizza Shop is where they take it to eat. Imagine thin crust pizza and homemade pizza toppings. Food that you should eat here: anything that has their balsamic reduction or home-made the ricotta is an absolute hit.

Are you feeling like you need to get at least one fantastic dinner? Lemon Zest is known for its top-quality international cuisine, outstanding client service and perhaps Jaco’s most extensive wine selection. The food you should try here Everyone is raving about the duck with blackberry sauce. However, we love Green Curry Coconut shrimp.

Kokomos is the name of a grill and bar with nothing more and or less. It is an excellent bar and grill. It also has the happy hour margarita menu that can start your night with a bang. There is something you must try at this bar You can’t be disappointed with any of the fresh fish dishes they serve.
Where to Stay
Hotels and Resorts

There are a few hotels in Jaco that are Costa Rica bachelor party-friendly establishment Jaco is definitely broken into two kinds of visitorsfamilies and singles. So, to ensure that you enjoy a relaxed time, don’t choose to stay at the resort for families rather, choose a place that caters to adult guests.

Vista Mar Condos are a excellent compromise between a resort and an opportunity to rent a vacation home. This property has larger condosthat range from three to five bedrooms per condo. This makes them the ideal size for a variety of bachelor gatherings. The condos have ocean views and not beachfront however they are close to the city of Jaco.

Selina Surf Club is a popular choice for surfers due to its incredibly affordable prices (dorm rooms begin at $22 per night per night) and the focus on surfing. No matter if you are a novice who are learning to surf, or surfers who want guidance on the most optimal surf, Selina provides the ultimate surfing experience.

What’s More

Things to pack

What are you going to need for an excursion to Jaco? You’re not expected to travel to Jaco in the United States with a Walgreens or an CVS at every corner, so make sure you have everything you think you’ll require. Make sure you have a swimsuit as well as a nice outfit in case you’re planning a meal somewhere, and beach attire. If you surf, bring your board. Nobody will provide you with an IV to replenish your water levels in case you’re feeling hungover So, you should carry acetaminophen and ibuprofen along with electrolytes as well as recovery formulations. Since you did not choose Jaco to stay clear of women bring your favorite condoms and lubricant.

Extra-Curricular Activities

There is a good chance that Jaco is one of the options for your bachelor party destination You’ve heard of Jaco’s women who live there. Women come to Jaco from many nearby towns and countries to meet visitors who have made the trip to Jaco. Many of them are working women in professional settings Others are seeking out tourist-friendly boyfriends to pamper and spoil them throughout their trip. Prostitution can be legalized in Jaco however certain practices that accompany it are not legal. Be aware and make sure you are aware of the laws. Costa Rica’s authorities are taking action against crime in Jaco however, even a low-income American can be wealthy when they live in Costa Rica, so use both your heads when making decision.


It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy to be able to have a party like the rich guys in Jaco. Actually, there’s no reason to spend an enormous amount of money for the night out in Jaco to celebrate your bachelor’s party at Costa Rica, because the events are held in cheap bars and clubs. The drinks are cheap, and cost of cover is usually low or are not there at all and you’re not going to be required to pay doorman $50 just to enter.

Big Events

Jaco is a tiny town, and doesn’t have the kind of festivals or other big events that you can find in larger cities or towns. There are a few quite enjoyable, smaller events in Jaco. For instance, the Jungle Jam is one of these. You can think of it as a Jungle Jam as a Coachella of Costa Rica. It’s an international musical festival that is focused on party music – think jam bands, reggae and rock. The festival is well-loved by visitors and locals and the profits usually go to local charities and you’ll be a good philanthropist when you’re dancing. Jungle Jam tends to happen in mid-March, in the middle of spring break. This can be positive or negative depending upon your viewpoint. Bamboo Bass Festival Bamboo Bass Festival is another music festival that concentrates on the bass tribe.


If you’re heading to Jaco in the near future, you’re likely to be staying for a bit longer than an entire weekend. This could make it difficult to plan your trip because many of Jaco’s most popular places are exclusively for weekends. This is why we’re focused on nightlife in this schedule. Take the temperature and the availability be your guide for things to do during the day, or simply relax by the pool, drinking a drink and relaxing. At night, these are the best places to party during the daytime of the week.

Every Wednesday night, head off in Cocal. We enjoy gambling, but if don’t like gambling, Cocal still has an excellent sports bar. When it gets dark you might want to go to Jaco Bleau, which is a place that comes to life just before midnight. The cost for admission is minimal about $5-$10 USD per person.

Thursday is the day you’re going to begin your day at Cocal. It is a regular pattern. This is due to the fact that nightlife begins at a bit later in Jaco as compared to The U.S. Cocal is one of the most reliable spots to go to during the early hours of the morning. After midnight, head for Cocal’s Man Cave. Although it’s quieter on Thursdays, it gets very busy at midnight. Around 2am, when Man Cave is beginning to close, make your way to Le Loft, which is the most reliable place to party after work!

Friday and Saturday night is likely to be similar to the weekend and will be influenced by where you first started to discover your rhythm. We love starting at Cocal and then heading to Republik where it is at its best on Friday as well as Saturday evenings, then returning to the house or towards Le Loft, depending on the kind of events we’ve chosen!


You might have heard that criminality is a major issue in Jaco. This is true, but it’s not. Jaco is a popular tourist destination , and Costa Rica has really stepped up to guard the area, making it secure for visitors. However Jaco is one of the top tourist destinations in a nation that is not well-off and therefore tourists are bound to be a target. It’s not an unsafe destination, but be careful not to do anything foolish while in the area. Make sure you travel in small or small groups. Avoid areas with plenty of lighting in the evening. Keep your expensive jewelry at home since there is no necessary for you to impress someone in Jaco.

When to Go

The Best Time Ever

You’ll want to stay clear of the rainy season, therefore traveling anytime between January and April is the best time to travel.

A Budget

Traveling to early December allows you to enjoy the start in the season that is dry and still receiving low prices However, late in the month of December, that you’ll have to pay for holiday travel rates.


Jaco is a place where that allows you to have a blast as the rock star at an ocean for a price of around $1000.00 per head (house and flights and food, drinks,). It is evident that it is an additional expense for ladies and all the fun things. This location has become more well-known in the last few years following the launch of the brand-new Caldera highway, which takes the beach to the airport significantly faster ( 1 hour 30 minutes). It is most likely the most affordable destination in the world and has a lower cost than other popular stateside bachelor party locations. All of these factors make Jaco the perfect place to hold the perfect bachelor celebration. If you’re not sure you can look up other reviews of bachelor parties on one of the travel websites, and you’ll understand the reasons why Jaco is still a popular destination.